Thymilph the Raging Wave is one of Spiral King Lordgenome's Four Supreme Generals and a major antagonist Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, serving as the main antagonist of the first quarter. He is the commander of the Human Annihilation Army's Eastern Theater, being the superior officer of Viral. Thymilph has a giant walking gunman-fortress Dai-Gunzan and a personal gunman Byakou.


Thymilph was called by Viral while fighting Gurren Lagann, so he set Dai-Gunzan there, being able to deal with the humans by himself. Dai-Gunzan almost destroyed Gurren Lagann, but it was freed by another reprogrammed gunmen. Still, Thymilph made them stay to their positions, preparing to destroy Gurren Lagann. However, he was tricked by Simon and crushed to the canyon along with his forces.

Next day, when humans attacked, Thymilph threw his troops to the enemies and provided supporting fire with Dai-Gunzan. However, it was a trick, so Simon and his gunman Lagann entered to Dai-Gunzan's blind spot and nearly hit Thymilph by Lagann's Impact Technique. Understanding, that humans almost took over his Dai-Gunzan, Thymilph became furious and used his personal gunman Byakou for a sudden attack which mortally wounded Kamina.

This leads to Simon's mental breakdown, and, as he was connected to the Dai-Gunzan, Dai-Gunzan became berserk itself. Thymilph was nearly hit by Dai-Gunzan's leg, but Viral took the damage, flew to the horizon in the process. As Kamina survived, Thymilph battled Gurren Lagann but was defeated and killed by Giga Drill Break technique. Though, his attack on Kamina killed the hero right after Thymilph's own demise.


  • It is seen that Adiane the Elegant was a good friend of Thymilph, as she tried to avenge Thymilph on Dai-Gurren Team.
  • Thymilph is one of two villains in the anime who killed one of the main heroes. The other being Anti-Spiral, who indirectly killed Nia (as she was a virtual person created by him and died with him).


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