Tiamat is one of the Destroyer's Chosen and a villain from Darksiders.


After Samael attempted to rebel against the Destroyer and was imprisoned, Tiamat and the rest of the Chosen were given the task of keeping him from regaining his full powers. However when War returned to Earth, he freed Samael from his prison and made a deal with him, that if War would bring him the hearts of the four Chosen then Samael would open a portal to the Destroyer's fortress tower for him, though the horseman did not know that this would restore Samael's power.

War went to the Twilight Cathedral first where Tiamat kept her lair and eventually found his way into the Demon's inner sanctum. Once there, the Dusk Queen taunted him, asking if the Horsemen had become lowly assassins or if Samael had made a bargain with him. Tiamat then[[File:]] attempted to strike a bargain with War as well, but he said that she would not like his terms and they began their battle. However the horseman was able to defeat Tiamat and finished her by ripping off her wings and tearing out her heart.

Powers and Abilities

Tiamat possesses the strength typical of a monster her size and can fly, as well as breath fire. She can either use this ability in the form of fire balls, a continuous stream of flame, or charge it to unleash a shockwave.

Tiamat's other attacks include flying at her foes with her claws scraping the ground in a sweeping attack, swinging at enemies with her club like tail, and swiping at them.



  • Tiamat was the primordial Babylonian goddess of chaos, sea, and rage.
  • She seems designed to resemble a cross between a bat and a dragon.