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Can't you count on a woman's word?
~ Tian Mi's most famous quote, mirroring her hypocrisy

Tian Mi (田蜜) is a major antagonist in the Chinese animated series, The Legend of Qin. She serves as one of the two main antagonists in the fifth season (alongside Xing Hun) and the central villain in its Agriculturists Arc.

She is voiced by Yang Menglu.


Tian Mi is the (former) mistress of Kuiwei Hall (魁隗堂) and formerly a major member in Agriculturists. Cunning, sly and manipulative, she bestowed an attempted murder on her husband (Wu Kuang), framed her lover (Shengqi) and eventually gained her place as the mistress of Kuiwei Hall.

Tian Mi was also secretly affiliated with Net Trap and indirectly and subsquently the Empire of Qin. In order to become the Top Hero of Peasants, Tiam Mi kept manipulating and betraying her allies while trying to eliminate Zhu Family because they were outsiders for Agricultrists dominated by Tian Family. By doing so, she manipulated Tian Hu and caused much of the troubles to Mohist. She eventually got outranked and exposed by Tian Yan and was relieved from duty as a result.


While a stunning beauty, Tian Mi is traitorous, greedy, power-hungry, flirtatious, and manipulative to the core. She believes quite well that the best weapon of many women is their softness, so she sets out a catalogue of methods to deal with men in her own way.

According to the official files, Tian Mi's curvaceous figure and exquisite dress are all façades hiding her old-school methods of manipulation.



Before her rise to power, Tian Mi was married to Wu Kuang, the second-in-command of Kuiwei Hall, whose sworn brother Shengqi, the master of Kuiwei Hall at the time. Years ago, Tiam Mi decided to usurp Shengqi's position. By doing so, she allied with Tian Meng, the master of Lieshan Hall, and made a conspiracy.

To carry out her plan, Tian Mi first pretended to share a love affair with Shengqi right in front of her husband, who was infuriated and attacked Shengqi. Tian Mi then ambushed Wu Kuang with her poisonous needle and faked his death at the hand of his sworn brother. Framing Wu Kuang for the crime of killing her husband and trying to sexually assault her, Tian Mi captured him with the help of Tian Meng, Tian Zhong and Tian Hu. They punished Shengqi and tortured him by sinking him into a pool. After suriving the torture, Shengqi was expelled from the Peasant School and sworn vengeance against Tian Mi.

Season 5


Tian Hu: I never equivocate on my words. I only have one question: Are you seeking the place of Top Hero!?
Tian Mi: Isn't it a tiresome torture for me? How can a woman like me become match with men like you?
Tian Hu: Then, who will your Kuiwei Hall support?
Tian Mi: Isn't it obvious? We support our First Officer, of course. Can you write the word "Tian" (田) with one stroke of brush?
Tian Hu: Was it because of Shengqi?
Tian Mi: First Officer, Zhu Jia had brought back this traitor who was exciled from our family. You must bring me justice, as he killed my...
Tian Hu: I don't give a damn to your water under the bridge! If I become the Top Hero, I'll destroy him for you!
(Tian Yan quietly glared at Tian Hu)
Tian Mi: Hmm... Then the entire Kuiwei Hall is under YOUR thumb, First Officer.
Tian Hu: For real?
Tian Mi: Can't you count on a woman's word?
~ Tian Mi and Tian Hu on the term of voting the Top Hero for Agruculturists


  • Tian Mi is exclusive in animated series continuty and is not featured in the original novel series.
  • Coincidentally, Tian Mi bears strong similarity to Malty S. Melromarc, who framed someone for crime and drove them into a vengeful and cynical person, while deceiving others and defending herself with her own gender and fake personality. Unlike Malty, however, Tian Mi has no central role in the entire story and is a facade to hide the true double agent for the Net Trap.
  • The name of Tian Mi (田蜜) and Tian Yan (田言) are both derived from Chinese idiom "甜言蜜语", figuratively meaning flattering, which forshadowing their status as traitors. Tian Mi's name also shares the same pronounciation with the word "甜蜜" which means sweetness.
  • Tian Mi is a foil to her rival Tian Yan. While both of them are working for Zhao Gao as spies within the agriculrists, Tian Mi only tries to use her alliance as a step for her own glory and acts dramatic and flitarious. Tian Yan, on the other hand, acts more composed and more focused upon vengence, while taking her work under Net Trap and subsquently Qin Empire more seriously.


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