The Tiaraloid is a Messianic Metaloid that is created when Messiah Card 02 card infects a tiara.

Using the tiara on her right shoulder like a boomerang, Tiaraloid can digitize a woman's love and extract it. Her left arm has the power of Messiah in it, allowing Tiaraloid to create energy spheres from her nails.

Tiaraloid becomes a follower of Escape, who attempted to protect her in order to preserve Messiah's data despite Enter seeing the Messiah Metaloid's data gathering to be useless.

However, Tiaraloid ends up being destroyed by Blue Buster Powered Custom.


  • Messiah Card: 02
  • Production Motif: Tiara
  • Height: 179 cm.
  • Weight: 235 kg.


  • This is the first Metaloid, as well as the first Messianic Metaloid, that is clearly female.
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