Watch your head! Oops! Sorry about that. The good news is you're tall enough to go on all the rides.
~ Tick Tock makes a joke to Argonaut, Cecil and Rebecca while they're frozen
Time flies when you're having fun.
~ Tick Tock's quote about time in real life

Tick Tock is the most trusted henchman of the Timekeeper and the secondary antagonist, then later the true main antagonist in the film Spy Kids 4: All Time In The World. He is the first villain to appear in the movie and was tasked to steal OSS technology. Unlike his boss' other masked minions, he wears a googles and sports a long hair. The Timekeeper's masked minions recognizes him as the higher authority and usually follows his lead. He is a result of the Timekeeper's several attempts to travel back in time. Tick Tock is also known for his high-pitched voice.


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