Tidal Wave...Tidal Wave...
~ The battleship's only quote

Tidal Wave is a gargantuan Decepticon officer from the Transformers franchise who transforms into a battleship. Fueled by utter rage, loyalty, and low intelligence, Tidal serves as a literally major antagonist of the Transformers Armada cartoon , the PS2 game based on it, and Transformers: Energon.




Transformers (PS2)

On Megatron's never ending conquest for power, he placed Tidal Wave in charge of a large army of Decepticlones when he arrived at Earth in search of power-granting mini-cons. Once the Autobots arrived to put a stop to Megatron's destructive tread, Tidal Wave transformed into a battle ready war barge with his loyal Decepticlone troops littering his platform. A single Autobot agent, whether it be Optimus Prime, Hot-Shot, or Red Alert (player dependent), arrives at site, witnessing an island sized Tidal Wave sit in the middle of the Mid-Atlantic during a stormy night. After intercepting the ship and gunning down all Decepticlones, the Autobot jumped out at the last second as Tidal Wave transformed into an enormous robot. A long battle ensued, ending with the violent death of the huge Decepticon.


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