Tiffany (Spawn)

Tiffany is a villain in the Spawn series.


Tiffany, like fellow angel Angela, is a Hellspawn hunter. Therefore, the most current Hellspawn, Al Simmons, is her primary target.e lost the fight, she escaped with her life, since the still inexperienced Spawn did not realize that merely destroying an angel's physical body is not enough to truly kill it. She has not appeared in the comic since. Tiffany did appear in The Adventures of Spawnseries alongside Mammon,Cy-gor,and Overtkill where she has a more Greater role in the story as one of Heaven's most illustorious and honorable warriors. TIffany also appears in the video game Spawn: In the Demon's hand as a playable character.

powers and ablities

Being an angel she posses superhuman strength,speed,Stamina,and flight as well as holy light itself.