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There've never been scores higher than mine in any of the flight levels. I pegged the Meter in all categories. No one else was even close. I shattered all of Angela's old records. I'm ready to take her place as Priority A-1. I just have to take out this Spawn. Quickly and without mercy. Then the flight supervisors will see I've proven myself. That I should be the one. And if you're thinking it's too late, forget it. That "Zeal" indictment from pre-flight training never went on my permanent record. I retained my "shimmer". I'm clean. Officially.
~ Tiffany
You'll drain no more strength from this beast, parasite! Your symbiote's levels are obviously ebbing. That's good. Perfect! The Heavens are smiling on me to find you in Recharge. This shouldn't take long. You see, Hell-Scum, Your touch has contaminated what was once pure, spoiling one who was devoted to good. Now she's tainted. Like you. You're both going to burn now. You and your once heavenly concubine... ANGELA!
~ Tiffany to Spawn.

Tiffany is a recurring antagonist in the Image Comics series Spawn, who first appeared in issue #44. She is an angel and a Hellspawn Hunter.


Early life

Little is known about Tiffany's background, other than having a rough relationship with her sister Angel, whom she sees as a rival, she believed her to be a traitor after hearing that Angela let Spawn escape, she takes the opportunity to prove herself worthy of the title of Heaven's army. She goes to Earth and tries to kill Spawn.

The Hellspawn Slayer

Tiffany, like fellow angel Angela, is a Hellspawn hunter. Therefore, the most current Hellspawn, Al Simmons, is her primary target. After she lost the fight, she escaped with her life, since the still inexperienced Spawn did not realize that merely destroying an angel's physical body is not enough to truly kill it.

Other Media

Tiffany appears as one of the secondary antagonists in The Adventures of Spawn series alongside Mammon, Cy-Gor, and Overt-Kill where she has a more Greater role in the story as one of Heaven's most illustrious and honorable warriors.

TIffany also appears in the video game Spawn: In the Demon's hand as a playable character.

Powers and Abilities

Being an angel she possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and flight as well as holy light itself.



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