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Tig Trager is a major antagonist during the earlier seasons of the TV series, Sons of Anarchy.


He is the former Sergeant-of-Arms of SAMCRO, and is extremely loyal to the club itself - especially the former president, Clay Morrow. He initially had a strained love/hate relationship with President, Jackson 'Jax' Teller, arising from his use of violence in situations which may not call for it, but the relationship between the two improved as time went on.

His somewhat blind loyalty to Clay during the earlier seasons often caused suffering to his fellow club members, especially Opie Winston, whose wife, Donna, was accidentally murdered by him while acting on Clay's orders. As a result of these incidents, Tig's relationship with Clay soured after a while and he was stripped of his Sergeant-of-Arms position once Jax took over leadership of the club from Clay. Despite this, he remained loyal to the club and Jax throughout the rest of the series. His often callous demeanor hides a person with unlikely sensitivity and strong loyalty.


Tig exhibits many characteristics of sociopathy. He is likewise a necrophile, and tends to view that as a normal thing, an example where Clay Morrow points it out, he casually asks what he's talking about. Despite these traits, he is quite sensitive, thoughtful, and compassionate, as seen when he decided to save Chucky and to keep a dog he found. He is also fiercely loyal to SAMCRO, was especially to Clay, as he went as far as trying to assassinate Laroy, thinking that the Niners tried to kill Clay.

His loyalty towards Jax was stained from the rough start they had in season one, where Tig's violent preferences were disliked by Jax. As time progressed however, this rivalry evens out, even though Jax chose to promote both Chibs and Happy to sergeant at arms over Tig. After Opie's death, Tig had to agree to always back Jax's decisions, given that Tig had put the Sons in that situation.


  • Tig tends to have an extremly lustful behavior, to the point where he once pulled his private part out at Juice Ortiz just for asking him a question. He also has a short temper, and is very aggressive, sometimes acting without thinking.
  • Tig appears to be good friends with Happy Lowman. They tend to have a friendly relationship, and are somewhat competive, often about to challenge each other into fights.
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