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Tiger Conklin is the president of Mega Kat Metallurgical Company. Caverns of Horror and is voiced by Ed Gilbert. He is the president of the Megakat Metallurgical Company.

In Caverns of Horror, several miners went missing deep in the mines over the past few men and the other miners refused to work unless Conklin did something about it. Conklin refused which was why his foreman Taylor contacted Lieutenant Felina Feral and the Enforcers.

Nobody knew that reporter Ann Gora, disguised as male miner, had sneaked along with Felina, Taylor, the miners, and the Enforcers to cover the story on this. She was snatched mysteriously by something with a huge claw. One of the accompanying Enforcer commandos panicked and his gun, causing a cave-in.

The group was saved by the SWAT Kats, who had seen Ann's disappearance along with the rest of Megakat City on live TV, thanks to the portable  camera Ann had brought with her.

Using the Turbomole, the SWAT Kats and Lt. Feral dug down into the mines again. There they discovered the root of the problem: a horde of giant, monster scorpions mutated because of the toxic waste that Conklin dumped in the caverns which is illegal.

Fortunately, the SWAT Kats and Lt. Felina rescued Ann. Felina and her uncle Ulysses Feral put Conklin under arrest since Conklin was doing illegal dumping.

A giant scorpion arrived to attack everyone and was destroyed by the SWAT Kats, thanks to the TurboKat that the Aquains built for them out of alien technology.

Conklin's fate is unknown, however it is assumed that the Enforcers had him arrested for his crimes.


Industrial business


All he cares about is money.


He was voiced by the late Ed Gilbert and Osama Sakin in the Japanese version


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