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The Tiger General is Flippy's archenemy in the Happy Tree Friends spinoff internet series Ka-Pow!, first appearing in "Operation: Tiger Bomb" as the main antagonist.

Physical Appearance

The Tiger General is a blue tiger. He wears a one-eye goggle with a X on the lens to cover his lost left eye, and a tortola harbor blue military uniform with a coat, epaulets, hat, one dark blue-gray glove, and boots. He has a metallic clamp in place of his left hand as a prosthetic that can cut through flesh and bone in one slice.


Operation: Tiger Bomb

The Tiger General is first seen when Flippy arrives in his headquarters with a pizza. He tries to eliminate the Tiger General with his knife, which is put in place of one of the pizza slices. Unfortunately, he mistakenly throws a piece of pizza straight at Tiger General's face. As the Tiger General sends his troops for the kill, Flippy accidentally kills his own team and hides in Sneaky's corpse. He flips out (as he would later in the series due to Post Traumatic Stress), and then bursts out of the body before proceeding to kill several soldiers, but the Tiger General attacks him back. Flippy and Tiger General have a long bloody fight to the bitter end, until the Tiger General is killed by having a large log splatter him on the ground. At the end of the episode, flipped-out Flippy reveals the Tiger General's flattened face sliced up like pizza. It is currently unknown whether or not the Tiger General will return.




  • The Tiger General seems to be the only HTF character who stood a fair chance against flipped-out Flippy.
  • He is one of the taller characters of the series, like Lumpy and the Dark Shadow Lord (from the Buddhist Monkey shorts). However, the Tiger General's soldiers are short.
  • He seems to be based off of Fearless Leader from Rocky and Bullwinkle. The two characters are both war/crime leaders, and both have one eye.
  • Despite being a tiger, he has no stripes at all.
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