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Prince Namor... The overrated Sub-Mariner... Is all washed up as a power beneath the sea! And I'm the one who finished him! Me... Tiger Shark!! Now I'm ready to take on all comers for the throne of Atlantis! To the victor will go the crown... And to the vanquished... DEATH!
~ Upon singlehandedly taking over Atlantis
So you're back, you slanty-browed coward! Just give Tiger Shark a crack at you... and you'll wish you'd stayed away... forever!
~ Tiger Shark

Todd Arliss, better known as Tiger Shark, is a supervillain from Marvel comics. He is an enemy of Namor and the Avengers.


He began as Todd Arliss, an Olympic swimmer who damaged his spinal cord, and could no longer swim. He was then subjected to an experiment to heal him, in which the DNA of Namor the Sub-Mariner and a tiger shark were mixed and injected into his own.

He was healed, but it also transformed him into a shark-humanoid creature with sharp teeth, fins, and gills, as well as a savage and bloodthirsty nature.

Tiger Shark became a lifelong enemy of Namor, and has also battled the Hulk and a few other Marvel heroes. He also joined Egghead's Masters of Evil and fought the Avengers.

At one point he forsook his villainous life and married a woman from an undersea tribe, but returned to crime after her and her tribe were slaughtered.

In other media


Tiger Shark appears in The Avengers: United They Stand episode "Command Decision" he is seen as a member of Baron Zemo's Masters of Evil.

Tiger Shark appears in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.

Tiger Shark appears in Avengers: Black Panther Quest. In a departure from the comics, this version of the character is a former Atlantean general rather than a human who was given aquatic abilities.


Tiger Shark appears as a villain in the video game Marvel Ultimate Alliancevoiced by Beau Weaver. He assists Attuma, Byrrah, and Warlord Krang into invading Atlantis and set up Sonic Emitters to control the Atlanteans into helping them overthrow Namor. When the heroes confront Attuma and Tiger Shark, they battle them and managed to defeat them. When the heroes ask Attuma who gave them the Sonic Emitters, Tiger Shark squeals stating that they got the Sonic Emitters from Doctor Doom.

Tiger Shark appears as an enemy in Marvel Avengers Alliance 2.

Powers and Abilities

Tiger Shark is able to lift about 75 tons while in contact with water and less than 40-50 tons while dehydrating. (This strength level is varies wildly, often fluctuating between his more humanoid and mutated forms. It's almost as he has a new strength limit depending on the writer) He has superhuman stamina and durability, but his powers slowly decrease as he spends time out of water. He can breathe both air and water and swim at 60 mph. He also has a more shark-like form which he transforms between irregularly. While battling in a contest of champions headed by the Red Hulk's offender's team, Todd had Adamantium implants in place of his regular teeth; enabling him to tear and bite chunks out of superhumanly robust individuals this side of Namor or The Hulk.


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