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Tigress was a Abel Cuvier's henchwoman. She worked from the Chimera Institute. She was voiced by Cree Summer.


Batman (Terry McGinnis) watches the Chimera Institute high using the Batsuit's cloaking, but Tigress detects him by smell and the criminals capture him.

Later, she attacks Sam's house along his partners, Barbara is able to fight off Tigress but she and Sam are soon captured. Fortunately, Batman arrives and attacks the thugs. Strangely, he says nothing, and the only sounds to come out of him are growls. He violently attacks the thugs and starts foaming at the mouth. The spliced trio leave, thinking the out-of-control Batman will finish their mission.

Using the claw to keep Cuvier's scent, Batman (with his suit repaired) has Ace track the evil doctor to a taxidermy facility. Once again, Tigress detects his smell and the thugs attack. Batman fights them, while Cuvier injects himself with several doses of DNA. After a short fight, Batman manages to cure Tigress and his partners and heads out to face Cuvier.

She later appeared in Batman Beyond Unlimited comics again in her mutated form.


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