Tilingkoot is a monstrous demon from Champions Online and is said to be one of the dark pagen gods of Canada from a forgotten past - with links to Kigatilik, however Tilingkoot is much weaker than Kigatilik: this does not mean he is an easy target by any means and he is not faced until the end-stages of the game and is designed to be challenged by a team (though he can be taken solo).

Tilingkoot corrupts the land and people of Canada much as Kigatilik does, seeking conquest and destruction in the manner many demonic beings do - the demon's defilement of the natural order being opposed by the shaman known as Ravenspeaker.

Ravenspeaker puts a Blessing upon the player-hero after one collects items to help in the spell - the player-hero is then sent to a sacred area known as Lynx's Fold, where Tilingkoot is manipulating the land to open portals by which to summon evil spirits.

Tilingkoot is known as the Demon of the Lost.