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The legend of Lawrence of Arabia dies tonight.
~ Tilkici
I am happy to tell you: the Empire intends to grant you all this freedom very soon. Even now, an engine of destruction scours this desert, obliterating your allies, your families, your homes. Soon there will be nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide! Soon all that you know and all that you lovewill be ashes. You will all be free to die.
~ Tilkici
You can never stop the progress of machines. One day, the whole world will take your lands and the precious black gold beneath its sands!.
~ Tilkici

Tilkici is an officer in the Ottoman Imperial Army during the Arab Revolt of World War I who appears in the 2016 game Battlefield 1. He is the only named antagonist in the game, as well as the most prominent.

He was voiced by Doug Rao.


Tilkici first appears in the last stage of the game, "Nothing is Written," focusing on the Bedouin rebel Zara Ghufran. After Zara infiltrates a wrecked Ottoman train to recover a vital codebook, Tilkici and several soldiers arrive and hold her at gunpoint, initially mistaking her for Lawrence of Arabia. However, the real Lawrence and the other Arab rebels spring from ambush and take Tilkici captive. Though at the rebels' mercy, Tilkici taunts them, saying that the Ottomans' powerful armored train, the Canavar, will destroy them, their families, their villages, and all they hold dear. Though Zara cuts Tilkici's right ear with her jambiya dagger, Lawrence prevents her from killing him, instead taking him away to interrogate him.

Discovering that three coded messages need to be sent to the Canavar to lure it into a trap, Zara raids the bases where the Ottoman officers holding the messages are located. She sends the first two, but as she goes to send the third, she is ambushed and knocked unconscious by Tilkici, who has managed to escape from captivity. Dragging her into the desert, Tilkici boasts that he has sent another message to the Canavar telling it the location of Lawrence's camp. However, as he takes Zara's dagger and prepares to cut her throat, she disarms him and kills him instead. Returning to the camp, Zara finds that Lawrence and the other rebels abandoned the camp before the Canavar's attack, anticipating Tilkici's plan.


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