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Tim Briggs is the main antagonist of 2012 action film Contraband. He is the former boss of Chris Farraday, Sebastian Abney and Danny Raymer who worked for him. He specialized in drug smuggling with boats and counterfeiting money.

He was played by Giovanni Ribisi, who also portrayed Donny from Ted and Parker Selfridge from Avatar.


Tim was a cruel and manipulative man who threatened families of his former employees including Chris Farraday's wife Kate. He want deal with Mexican crime boss named Gonzalo about their deal for drugs and sent Chris's brother in law Andy and his friend to get money but soon they land in trouble which led to arrest which infuriated and wants Andy to repay him the drugs' worth in money or threatened Chris for safety of his family which Chris had no choice but return as smuggler with aid of his best friends Sebastian and Danny, help from his father Bud. While Chris and friends went to Panama, Briggs beat and threatened Kate with rape in front of her sons who were especially afraid of him and Sebastian offered Kate for shelter not knowing his true intentions.



  • Ted and Contraband, both of which Giovanni Ribisi starred in, came out in 2012.
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