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Hello, I am the Great and Powerful... heh heh... Tim
~ Tim Burton announces himself.
So, Critic, what'd you think of my blockbuster masterpiece?
~ Burton brags about his work.
It's BurtonLand!
~ Malice explains where they are.

Tim Burton is an antagonist of the Nostalgia Critic's review of his film Alice in Wonderland. He is trying to defend his own disastrous films. In a way he is much like Lord Shyamalan.


BurtonLand is a realm of his creation and is a hostile place full of gray scenery, threatening UFOs and creatures such as the Jibber Jabber, a digital entity which claims to have written the film. The Critic and Malice overcome his obstacles, such as shrinking themselves to get to little doors, and finally get into Burton's real lair, deep underground. He announces himself in an Oz-like fashion; the Critic explains Oz has already been ruined.

Burton asks why the Critic hates his work so much. The Critic says it's because of his many clichés and stupid plots (i.e. having a cake that makes one a giant when Alice could use it to kill the Queen and the Jabberwocky but she doesn't use it for any battles).

An argument erupts when the Critic says he hated the Alice movie, and Burton defends it, and Burton says it is the last time Alice in Wonderland will ever be made. The Critic is at a loss until Malice shows Burton the Critic's bedroom, which has a fanbase of Burton's. Burton says some of that inventions is pretty creative, but the Critic says others suck. So, Burton teaches the Critic bout the value of creativity - some ideas are good but others are stupid.

Burton says that his next movie is based on old puppets, which the Critic says sounds good, instead of the normal Depp and Carter roles. However, Carrotjuice points out that he is the first black man in a main role in a Burton show. This angers the Critic, saying no black man ever had a lead role in a Burton film but Burton vanishes the Critic back into the real world, where he gleefully announces that his new idea for the film is cancelled, replaced with another Depp/Carter movie.