Tim scam

Tim Scam is the most recurring antagonist of the animated spy TV series Totally Spies who appeared in six episodes. Tim Scam is a former WOOHP weapons technician who was fired for illegal use of weapons, and attempts to get revenge on the organization and he is an affliate of the terrorist group called LAMOS.

He was voiced by Michael Gough, who also played Samuel in Disney's Tarzan.


He first appeared in the show's second episode "The New Jerry", in which he kidnapped Jerry and replaced him to use WOOHP for his plot. Sam also developed a strong crush on him before she discovered he was evil.

In "Mommies Dearest" he attempts to get revenge on the girls by mind controlling their mothers and using them to kill the girls. In "Morphing is so 1987" Tim attempts to destroy WOOHP using "liquid-metal" robots capable of mimicking the appearance of others.

He reappeared in season 4 and became a member of LAMOS along with Terrence Lewis, Myrna Beesbottom, Helga Von Guggen and Boogie Gus.


Tim Scam is highly intelligent, manipulative, and perspicacious. He originally developed a heat-ray capable of evaporating the Earth's oceans while working for WOOHP. He will likely remain a persistent nuisance to Jerry and the spies. Unlike the show's other villains, who are usually "themed" bad guys whose personalities typically center around a single bizarre personality disorder or childhood trauma, Scam comes across as completely sane (albeit sociopathic). Also, unlike the other villains, whose plans generally involve indulging in their twisted obsessions (which often involve brainwashing people), Scam's plans are centered around all-evil deeds to accomplish his acrimonious and malevolent objectives. Scam kills for killing's sake.