Clean this mess up!
~ Tim Williamson berating Beth.

Tim Williamson is the main antagonist of the 1995 film Dangerous Intentions. He is the husband of the protagonist, Beth Williamson and the father of their daughter Laurie.

He was portrayed by Corbin Bernsen, who also played Anderson Schultz in Marvel's The Punisher, Dr. Alan Feinstone in The Dentist and Harlan Dexter in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.


After Terri and Laurie leave before returning home, Tim destroys the foods and abuses Beth and gives her too many bruises and tells her to clean this mess up.

Tim is abusive and violent towards his wife Beth and finds out she takes their daughter Laurie with her away from him. After Beth reminds Laurie to get Andrew and Alice to call the police, Tim locks the door on Andrew and begins beating Beth up and hurting her and telling her to clean up this mess. Tim unlocks the door and gets arrested by police while Beth is sent to the hospital by her dad Andrew and step-mother Alice. Tim is later released and tries to stalk Beth, but she tells him to leave her alone.

Tim tries to call Beth and Terri on the phone, but the two hang up on him. Terri tells Tim to go to hell, and she scolds him for hurting her sister. He gets very violent, abusive and drunk.

Tim knocks the door, and Alice reminds him to leave her and Beth and Terri alone and give them some space. Alice bans Tim from her house.

But not long after, Tim pays one last visit, and Beth reminds him not to hurt either her or Laurie ever again. After returning home from school, Laurie tries to go back to her mom's house but is saved by her neighbors who call the police on her father who tries to hurt her mother. Tim tries to kill Beth by using his own gun by either shooting her in the heart or in the head, but is stopped by police who later arrested him for wife abuse and domestic violence. But while paramedics arrive and rush Beth with Laurie to the hospital, police send Tim back to jail and remind him not to come out. And finally, Tim gets a not-so-happy ending.   

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