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Tim and Tom

Do you think he'll like it, mama?
~ Tim when the player collects Tom's mask.
You hurt him and I'll hurt you!
~ A unknown figure (likely Tom) when the player collects Tim's mask.

Tim Weaver and Tom Weaver are two of the five main antagonists (alongside Benny, Caleb and Lillian) of the indie horror game Wick and its DLC Wick: No Way Out. Tim and Tom are the sons of Mary and John Weaver, and the twins of the family.


Tim is a boy with an average height and a skinny build. Tim wears a 1920's school uniform, consisting of a black shirt with white sleeves and gray jeans. Tim also wears a theater mask, with his being the comedy mask.

Tom has the same height and build as Tim, with a ripped school uniform, visible black hair, and a tragedy mask.


Tim and Tom Weaver are the twins of the Weaver Family, and both were born at Mount Todd. Among the two, Tim is the more outgoing of the two, while Tom is more reclusive. For some reasons, no one know about Tim and Tom's existence or the Weaver try to keep them from the world. Their age is still unknown but their age could be 6 or 8 years old. Tim have knife has his name carved on it, he could possibly the one who made the Comedian and Tragedy masks for him and Tom.  In the only cutscene in No Way Out, an unknown figure is standing in the church, the door suddenly open, Tim and Tom go in, Tim walks slowly to the the stranger but Tom teleport near him. According to the audios, this person known as James McAlroy, a family friend of the Weaver.

In Wick, Sam will encounters Tim at Midnight, he mostly active in all the hours except 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM. Sam will encounters Tom from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM.

In No Way Out, Travis will encounters Tim and Tom when picked up one of their stuff.

Power and Abilities


Tim doesn't have as many abilities compared to his siblings. However, he is still is athletically skilled, as he is able to keep chase with the player with ease.


Teleportation: Tom can teleport a average distance. If Toms show up, he will corrupt the player camera and make it glitch. If the player looks at Tom too long, he will teleport to the player and instantly kill him.


  • Tim & Tom are the only children who work together to kill the player.
  • In the Pre-Alpha, Tim and Tom didn't wear masks, and looked identical.
  • There is a glitch involving Tim in which he can kill the player even after he vanishes. If this happens, the game crashes.
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