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The Timberwolves, sometimes spelled Timber Wolves, are minor antagonists in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Their name is a play on a real wolf species the Gray Wolf which is also known as the Timberwolf. They appeared as minor antagonists in Family Appreciation Day and the main antagonists of Spike At Your Service, despite their small role.


The Timberwolves in a sepia color

When The Timberwolves howl that is the first sign that the zap apples are coming, although she later says that they howl "when the zap apples first start growing", after the other signs. The Timber Wolves appear in Granny Smith's flashback when she tells the story of the zap apples and the founding of Ponyville to Apple Bloom's class.

Young Granny Smith enters the Everfree Forest despite Timberwolves in search of food. She hears a wolf's howl, and after she comes across the zap apple trees the Timberwolves start gathering around her, howling and snarling. She escapes and outruns the wolves back to the farmhouse, where she clangs pots and pans which scare away the Wolves.

In the episode Spike At Your Service, three Timberwolves attack Spike in the Everfree Forest but are defeated by Applejack, shattering them to pieces. After Applejack and Spike leave, however, they reassemble.  

They later return, but after Applejack shatters them to pieces again with boulders, they merge into a giant King Timber Wolf, which tries to kill Applejack after her hoof gets caught under a rock. 

Spike throws a pebble into the Timber Wolf's mouth, which becomes lodged in his windpipe, causing him to choke to death. 


The Timberwolves are very different looking than normal Gray Wolves. Timberwolves have green glowing eyes, leaf eyebrows, and sharp carved wood for teeth, and their bodies are made up of timber logs and sticks. They may be based on the golems of myth and legend.


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