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Captain Man and Kid Danger It about Time you found me
~ Time Jerker
Time to go.
~ Time Jerker escaping prison after Jeff in Danger Force.

The Time Jerker is a supervillain who is a manipulator of time and a major antagonist of Henry Danger. He is a time traveler. How he became one remains a mystery, even to Captain Man and Kid Danger. He wears a sleeveless yellow trench coat, black checkered pants, and a black shirt. His hair is brown and tied back in locks, has a beard and silver eyes. His sole weapon is his time traveling machine which he can use to his advantage to evade capture by simply traveling back. He also enjoys making time-related puns.


Henry Danger

The Time Jerker first appeared in the episode "The Time Jerker", where he was up in his lair on the highest floor of Swellview Clock Tower. He was sending his bag of trash sixty-five million years into the past to feed it to the dinosaurs through his time portal. He then receives a surprise from both Captain Man and Kid Danger, who came crashing in through the glass clock. The Time Jerker tells them his hideout may have been compromised, but he will be able to go back and make it hard for them to locate him again.

After the two fail to mock him with time puns, Captain Man duels the Time Jerker with Kid Danger behind the machine. The Time Jerker throws a Metal Number 6 (He first mistook it as a 9) at Captain Man but he misses and hits Kid Danger arm. After the Time Jerker pushes Captain Man away, Kid Danger gets on top of him and struggles to grab on. This makes him be pushed into the portal and relive his day all over again.

In the alternate timeline of Henry/Kid Danger's day, the Time Jerker does exactly the same thing as before, except Kid Danger picks up a metal number 6 from the broken glass and throws it at the Jerker's head, knocking him out. Kid Danger repeats the day once more and travels back to fix the events he caused and once again, ends the day knocking out the Time Jerker with the number 6.

Continuing the events in Secret Beef, the Time Jerker is arrested by the police and taken to jail.

However, in Danger & Thunder, he unexplainably escapes and is seen with a gathering of some of Swellview's most dangerous criminals. He also discovers that the Toddler survived his fall and he wants them all to bring up their ideas in destroying their enemies. The Time Jerker's suggestion was to go back in time when the Grand Canyon was smaller and trap Captain Man and Kid Danger in there, with Nurse Cohort asking if he has to have time-related plots all the time.

He later witnesses Captain Man and Kid Danger (and Phoebe) being revealed in their disguises and joins his fellow villains to fight them, but not before Captain Man puts out the lights in their base. Following the capture of Captain Man by the Toddler using the Heliometer, he is not seen again after that, making him at large.

Time Ray

After years of hiding, the Time Jerker resurfaced in Game of Phones. Teaming up with Dr. Minyak, The Toddler, and The Beekeeper in the middle of No-Man Land desert, they conceive a blueprint from The Messanger, a plan which would destroy Captain Man. However, when Minyak went to leak Kid Danger, Captain Man, and Chapa came out if hiding and fight to get the plans. The heroes end up knocking them out by using the heroes' lasers to stun the villains after the Time Jerker and his fellow villains began slapping and taking videos of them doing so. Kid Danger and Captain Man tie him and the others up and it could be presumed they were taken to jail.

At the start of The Beginning of the End, After getting out of Jail, The Time Jerker was chased all the way through ancient Rome with his Time Ray which was later stolen by Captain Man and Kid Danger. However, despite being arrested he did not appear at Kid Danger's funeral with the other villains.

Danger Force

Time Jerker then appears (along with the rest of the prisoners) in Danger Force in the first episode The Danger Force Awakens getting out of jail after Mika accidentally used her new superpower. He later returns in Miles Has Visions, where his real name is revealed to be Tim Jerkosky.


  • He was originally called the "Time Bandit".
  • The Time Jerker is spoofed on the Clock King, a DC Comics supervillain also associated with time.
  • He is the only villain who does not change his look in his next appearance.
  • He is the only villain from Henry Danger who redeem himself. But the second villain in the Dangerverse to reform the first being Krampus.
    • However, due to his store being damaged twice by the Captain Man and Danger Force, he decides to return to be a villain.

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