Timothy (Flying House)

Timothy is an antagonist of the Christian anime series The Flying House and the main antagonist of the eighteenth episode "Sour Grapes". He is the father of the bride, Leah, whom he wants to marry a rich person.

He is first said to hate his daughter's love interest, Ruo (however his name is spelled) because he is poor, and Timothy thinks Ruo is a fortune-hunter and wants the former's money, and therefore forbids Leah to love the latter. Because Leah still loves Ruo, Timothy disowns her and throws them both out.

Much later, when Justin Casey (the entire series' protagonist) and Corky Roberts (the series' tritagonist) go over to ask him to come to his daughter's wedding, he promises to attend.

However, Timothy only goes there in hopes that he will disgrace Ruo. He has his right-hand man pour out all of the wine, as wine is a must in this period, unaware that Ruo is a witness. He is later shocked when he finds out there is more wine (that Jesus turned water into, which he wasn't aware of). When he finds out that all of the water was turned into wine, he believes the miracle was performed by Ruo. Mary, the mother of Jesus, goes over and confronts and scolds him for this and "witholding his blessing from the marriage". After Angie Roberts (the series' deuteragonist) also scolds him for that trick, this causes Timothy to cry and repent of his doings. He then changes his mind and tells Ruo he wants him to marry Leah.

Later, a redeemed Timothy, Ruo and the kids are picking grapes when Leah calls them over to lunch. After Leah realizes that she forgot the wine, Timothy asks Ruo to turn some water into wine, but Ruo jokingly says Jesus produced that miracle.

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