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But there is no way we can destroy the system without hurting many thousands of innocent people. No way.
~ Timothy McVeigh

Timothy James McVeigh is the main antagonist of the Zero Hour TV Episode "One of America's Own". The episode was a docudrama dramatizing television movie based on real events of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

His main plans were to kill as many people as he can through the Federal Building at the Oklahoma City's bombing that took place in April 19, 1995. Timothy James McVeigh was portrayed by Ben Johnson who also portrayed Eric Harris from the Zero Hour TV Episode "Massacre at Columbine".


Timothy comes off as showing nervousness and timidity in the company of other people. He was worried about how he, later on, believed that he along with others in the US were going to be endangered due to the US government's involvement in the Ruby Ridge and Waco massacres.


In The Making of The Bombing

McVeigh and another person Terry Lynn Nichols; Timothy's accomplice who was convicted of being the conspirator in the Oklahoma City bombing. McVeigh and Nichols set up the bombing by obtaining fertilizer and other explosive material for the bombing that Timothy primarily planned. Timothy has threatened Terry along with his family's life into getting Nichols into his extremist acts.

The Oklahoma Bombing

Timothy McVeigh drove a Ryder's Truck contained with incendiary matter designed to cause fires and start the Oklahoma Bombing.


Timothy McVeigh was eventually traced and captured by Police Authorities being arrested for Domestic Terrorism eventually being sentenced to death (in exchange to the 168 deaths) by lethal injection.


At least 168 people were reported dead along with 680 people injured and seriously hurt.