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The Tina-Teers are the central antagonists of the Rick and Morty season 5 episode "A Rickconvenient Mort".

They are a group of businessmen who use four elemental rings that summon Planetina.

They are voiced by Steve Buscemi and Lauren Tom, the former of whom also played Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs.


As teenagers, the four were all brought together and given power rings that they could use to call forth Planetina, an ecological superhero whose purpose was to protect Earth's environment from pollution. As they grew into adults however, the four all became greedy and sought to use Planetina as little more than a mascot to profit off of. The four of them rigidly managed Planetina's life, keeping her isolated and forbidding her from doing things such as watching the news so she wouldn't get depressed.

After Planetina fell in love with Morty Smith and spent the night with him, the four used their power rings to disassemble her and had their security take away Morty. After bringing Morty to a storage room, Eddie revealed to him that the Tina-Teers planned to sell Planetina to an Arabic billionaire and attempted to burn Morty's face so Planetina wouldn't be interested in him. However, Morty tripped Eddie and bit his finger off to get his Fire Ring, which he used to incinerate him and his security guards before going to gather the other power rings.

Disguising himself as a pizza delivery man, Morty went to the place where the other Tina-Teers were discussing the deal with the billionaire. After tossing Eddie's burnt skull on the table, Morty revealed himself and engaged the Tina-Teers and the billionaire's security detail. After tricking the billionaire's security into shooting the Russian Tina-Teer, Morty took her Air Ring and used it to explode the head of Xing Ho. The African Tina-Teer attempted to shoot ice at Morty, but Morty used Xing Ho's Dirt Ring to block the attack before using his Fire Ring to kill the African Tina-Teer. He then killed the billionaire before leaving with all four rings, able to set free Planetina at last.

Without the four Tina-Teers however, Planetina became exposed to the horrors humanity was inflicting on the planet and became increasingly radical in her mission to stop pollution, to the point of murdering dozens of workers at a coal plant.


  • The Tina-Teers are based off the Planeteers from Captain Planet (Linka, Kwame, Wheeler and Gi). Notably, the four of them lack a "Heart" counterpart to Ma-Ti, which could explain why Planetina became corrupted later on.



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