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Everyone loves Strongbad. He is an ok guy.
~ Strong Bad
~ Tiny-Handed Strong Bads catchphrase

Tiny-Handed Strong Bad is a alternate reality version of Strong Bad. The character first appeared in backstory where he was the past version of Strong Bad. In other animations he is actually alternate reality version of Strong Bad.



after Coach Z and Strong Bad are done playing tennis on the moon they go down to the USA by Rainbow Bridge. While Strong Bad is waiting for Coach Z to clean himself up he sees a egg. Behind the Egg is Homestar who claims that the Egg belongs to him. Strong bad does not like this and says that the egg should belong to him. The Prince of Town than comes asking what is all the fighting is about. The two explain the problem and The Prince of Town decides to have a relay race to decide. The relay starts and Homestar immediately wins. Strong Bad than gets the Egg because the rules where that whoever loses gets the Egg. After Strong Bad wins the egg cracks open to reveal the Cheat. The Cheat then turns on some music and everyone dances.

Homestar Runner Goes for the Gold

Homestar Runner and Strong Bads teams enter the go for gold competition. Strong bad kicks his brother Strong Sad of his team and replaces him with Dijjery Doo which he immediately regrets. The first challenge is roller skating although it’s called running. Strong Mad represents Strong Bads team this challenge and wins. The second challenge is swimming which is Strong Bad vs Homestar. Homestar wins because he got a submarine to complete the challenge while Strong bad got a fish crammed through his head. The final challenge is flying and Strong Bad sends the sneak to cripple the other teams player so they can win. The All Stars decide to let Strong Sad do the flying challenge. Strong Sad does the challenge and wins. Once he wins he becomes Strong Glad.

The Homestar Runner Enters the Spooky Woods

After Strong Bad scares Homestar to death, Homestar has to go into the spooky forest and face his three fears before the witching hour. His first fear is page 73 of his old life science textbook. The textbook asks him a question which Homestar gets right because he consulting a thesauruses, Strong Bad decides to make Homestars fears harder so he will never be alive again. He first try’s to scare Homestar with a barf and eyes bath although Homestar is more scared of the toothpick frills on Strong Sads sandwich. Strong Bad tells Homestar that nobody is scared of toothpick frills so Homestar decides that he is not scared of them anymore concurring his second fear. The next fear that Strong Bad makes is non regulated ping pong but Homestar is not scared. But then Homestar finds his third and final fear a half Dead raccoon being carried around by wet pigeons. But then one of Strong Bads ping pong balls falls right next to the pigeons and they try to hatch them. Then Homestar Runner elites that they where as scared of him as he was scared of them. Homestar than turns back into his normal form a.though still keeping his ghost tail. The ghost tail scares Strong Bad killing him and turning him into a ghost.



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