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I'm Tiny Rick!
~ Tiny Rick's catchphrase.

Tiny Rick is one of the two main antagonists (alongside Beth's Mytholog) in the Rick & Morty ​episode "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez". He was Rick Sanchez's mind corrupted after putting himself inside of a younger clone of himself and staying in for an extended period of time.

Just like all other versions of Rick and Morty, he was voiced by one of the two series creators, Justin Roiland.


After one of the lunch ladies at Harry Herpson High School was murdered, Summer suspects that she was killed by a vampire and asks Rick if he could put his mind into a younger body in order to help them find the vampire. Initially disagreeing and distraught by the idea, Rick refuses, however, he ends up changing his mind. He then goes into the school in order to help Morty and Summer to find the vampire under the guise of Tiny Rick. He then charms Toby Williams (Summer's crush), making her get noticed by him much to her joy. Tiny Rick, Morty and Summer later discover that the gym coach, Coach Feratu, is the vampire and kill him.

Tiny Rick prepares to go back into his original body before Toby Matthews texts Summer asking about a party and if Tiny Rick will attend, causing Rick to choose to remain in the younger body. Tiny Rick becomes very popular and his body's younger mind winds up taking over with Rick's true self trying to break free in the form of begging for help through songs and art. Summer, realizing that Rick is trying to get out of Tiny Rick's body, tips off Principal Vagina about Tiny Rick's involvement in the vampire killing in order to get him expelled. Tiny Rick discovers it was Summer who tipped off Vagina and humiliates her in front of everyone at the dance before going home.

Tiny Rick attempts to destroy his older body but is stopped by Morty and Summer who play Elliott Smith music in order to weaken Tiny Rick's mind. Rick's mind is then restored to his body and Tiny Rick's personality is obliterated. Rick, back in his original body, abandons "Project Phoenix" and destroys all of the alternate clone bodies of himself, including Tiny Rick.



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