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I, your headmaster, also the Great Wizard of Darkness and the President of the Magic Pharmacy Council - Tiones Walpurgis will destroy you!
~ Tiones Walpurgis

Tiones Walpurgis is the seemingly-kind, if strict, headmaster of the Magic School and the main antagonist of the Danmachi: Memoria Freese Campaign Nightmare Academia.


She bears a close resemblance to Tione Hiryute as she has an ample bust, brown eyes, dark skin, and long black hair. She dresses in a black strapless dress, with detached sleeves, a purple sash, purple earrings, a choker with a jewel, and a black witch-like hat. When she transforms, she resembles a massive legless skeleton with a black dress and a black hat.


She claimed the dream world was a perfect paradise that protects her kind and those pure of heart, but her "paradise", as Fels called out, was a "nightmare of death" and the happiness supposedly provided was "false and temporary". Two of the things hypocritical about her claims were having some of the kidnapping victims' personalities changed for the worst (such as Eina being made mean and arrogant and Filvus being made into a bloodthirsty yandere) and implementing a school class where the kidnapped victims are made to fight to the death. Taking Fels’s criticism poorly, Tiones decides to kill Bell and company until Lefiya and Filvus retaliate for what the dream world put them through by unleashing their magic on her. Desperate, Tiones decides to absorb the remaining energy of the dream world and becomes a skeletal ghost, but that still fails to earn her victory which culminates in Bell hitting her with a firebolt, both putting an end to her existence and triggering the collapse of the dream world.



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