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Titan is a tyrannical lion from the Erin Hunter series Bravelands.


Titan was born to a male Lion Gallant had once driven out. Titan hated Gallant for that reason and planned to take over his pride and kill Gallant in revenge. Titan finally got his chance when he trespassed on to Gallantpride's territory with his two cronies to challenge Gallant. During their duel Titan had lost but had his two henchman kill Gallant.

Since battle for pride leadership is supposed to be one on one, Titan cheated when his cronies killed Gallant. Titan then ordered Cunning (one of his henchman) to go after Fearless and Valor since the latters where Gallant's cubs. While Fearless manages to escape, Titan forces the now Titanpride lionesses to live under his tryanical rule. Sometime after, Titan takes a lioness named Artful as his mate and a year later, they have a son named Ruthless.

One day, Titan catches Fearless sneaking on to his territory and when he confronts the cub, cheetahs invade Titanpride territory and steal Ruthless. After some convincing from his mate, Titan agrees to let Fearless look for Ruthless. After Fearless brings Ruthless back to Titanpride, Titan forces Fearless to remain in the pride so the former could keep an eye on him. When a Great-Gathering is announced Titan sends Fearless to attend.

After Fearless flee's Titanpride, He returns to rescue Valor during his misson from Stinger to form his own pride.  Unkbeknown to Fearless, Stinger had allied himself with Titan and agreed to sell Fearlesspride out to Titan for recapture. 

Powers and Abilities

  • Strengeth:
  • Sprit-Eating
  • Fangs: Being a lion, Titan had deadly fangs that infect fatal injuires on his oppnents.
  • Claws:
  • Tracking
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