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The Titans are a race of primordial extradimensional beings that are major antagonists in the 2018 animated show Final Space.


The Titans are an enigmatic race of alien creatures that preside in the titular Final Space. They are immensely powerful, having the ability to completely destroy reality as we know it. The Titans are briefly referenced in Chapter 3 by the Order of the Twelve who hold blood battles forcing monstrous beasts to kill each other as blood sacrifices to these monsters. In Chapter 7, more insight is given on the Titans.

In the episode, Nightfall reveals that in each timeline she had been in, Gary tried to take on the Lord Commander alone only to predictably fail and get killed by the tyrannical alien's hands. As a result, this causes Mooncake to become enraged and he goes on a vengeful spree, destroying planets and unwittingly allowing the Titans to be released from Final Space, and they proceed to ravage the universe. As a means of stopping this outcome, Nightfall (who is a future version of Quinn), decides to find another timeline where Gary is still alive and kill Mooncake there before the inevitable arrives.

When Little Cato and KVN are in danger of being aged out of existence when they had tried to use Nightfall's ship to travel back in time to save Cato's father from sacrificing himself, Nightfall decides to spare Mooncake, hoping that the same result from all of the other timelines doesn't relapse yet again. Despite the Titans being hostile, there is apparently one that is seemingly benevolent; in Chapter 8, Galaxy One must find this Titan who is knowledgeable enough to know how to close the breach in space-time whilst racing against the clock.

Chapter 8 reveals that the Titans have different rankings, with one Titan, named Bolo. Every Titan was born with one goal in mind: to infest the universe with chaos and disorder. However, Bolo realized that there must have been another way, and rebelled against his kind, closing the portal to Final Space. As punishment, Bolo was sealed into a giant cube within his own dimension, causing him to resort to speaking with others telepathically.

Season 2 reveals that the Titans were once created by a cosmic race called the Arachnitects to assist them in upkeeping the universe. However, a malevolent entity named Invictus poisoned the Titans and turned them against the Arachnitects. However, with the help of Bolo, Invictus was imprisoned in Final Space alongside the corrupted Titans.


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