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Que lástima. ¿Estás buscando estas?
~ Tito Turtle to Liv.

Tito Turtle is a supporting antagonist of the 2021 horror thriller film Willy's Wonderland.

He is an animatronic turtle who was once a friendly children's entertainer who later gets possessed, along with Willy Weasel and the other animatronics, by a serial killer bent on devouring everyone. He also speaks with a Spanish accent.

He was portrayed by Chris Schmidt Junior and voiced by Abel Arias, who also voiced Ozzie Ostrich in the same film.



In 1996, Tito Turtle was once a friendly animatronic along with Willy Weasel and others. However, Jerry Willis, the original owner of Willy's Wonderland and his team of serial killers wore some character costumes to kill some families in the Super Happy Fun Room. Eventually, the law decided to investigate, Jerry and the killers killed themselves in a Satanic suicidal ritual before the authorities arrived, preventing from being captured. After that, their souls had been transferred into the animatronics, including Tito.

Ten years later, Willy's Wonderland was reopened by the new owner, Tex Macadoo, to keep the people unaware of this horrific past. Suddenly, Tito (possessed by a serial killer) and the other animatronics have man-eating behaviors to attack and even devour children. After the children were seriously injured, Willy's had been permanently shutdown once again.

Willy's Wonderland

In this present, the quiet protagonist is hired to be the janitor at the old abandoned Willy's Wonderland to clean everything for the rest of the night so his car's wheels will be fixed by the next morning.

Later at midnight, Tito is first encountered in a hallway where he is quickly knocked out by the Janitor along with Siren Sara after killing one of Liv's friends named Dan. He follows Deputy Evan and Liv as he escorts her away from Willy's, and Tito then attacks and kills Evan. In retaliation, Liv takes a empty shotgun and beats the living crap out of Tito to the point he begs for mercy.

Eventually, Tito picks himself back up and heads back to the restaurant, but is then run over by the Janitor in his car and killed.


¡Hola, Willy!
~ Tito Turtle to Willy Weasel.
Sí, Willy. ¡Cantamos!
~ Tito agreeing Willy to sing.
Siempre a sus ordenes, señorita Liv.
~ Tito to Liv.
Que lástima. ¿Estás buscando estas?
~ Tito to Liv after loosing ammo.
¡Sucks to be you, chica!
~ Tito before been attacked by Liv.
¡Ay, mis bolas!
~ Tito been attacked by Liv.
¡Por favor, no más!
~ Tito after been attacked by Liv.
¡Ay, que chingada! HWOI!
~ Tito's last words before being ran over by Janitor and Liv.



  • Tito was the eighth and last animatronic to get killed by the Janitor in the film.
  • For most of his appearance, Tito only spoke English once in the movie. This might be that the spirit inhabiting the Tito animatronic is staying in character or the soul who inhabits him only speaks Spanish.
  • When Tito is beaten up by Liv, he screams in Spanish "¡Ay, mis bolas!" ("Aye, my balls!") despite the fact that anatomically, he has none due to the fact that he is an animatronic.


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