The Toad Empire is an antagonistic faction in Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars. It is an army of toads led by the evil supercomputer AI Komplex. The empire is bent on conquering the Aniverse and enslaving everyone.


Before Komplex took over, the toads were a harmless race with a passion for selling shoddily-made consumer goods at inflated prices. Some time ago, toad technicians developed a supercomputer named Komplex that would run their planet designed to solve gridlock, control interest rates, and basically do all the boring things the toads didn't want to do. However, Komplex turned on the toads and brainwashed them and made them his soldiers.

Komplex sent the toads on a course of military aggression and destroyed anyone or anything that tried to stop him. The Toad Homeworld was made into seven layers of factories, factories, and more factories, turning it into the giant ball of metal it is today.

Storm Toads


A group of Storm Toads.

Storm Toads, sometimes referred to as Storm Toad Troopers or Toad Stormtroopers, are the primary militant arm of the Toad Empire. They all wear blue, green, and black uniforms bearing the death's head symbol on the chest/abdomen, as well as green helmets that cover almost their entire head and have bulbous, pink-tinted plexiglass over the eyeholes and a 'K' insignia on either side, for Komplex. Stormtoads serve a variety of functions, from basic infantry and security duties, to piloting Double Bubble fighters and even manning communications equipment aboard toad motherships. Like all toads, they fear only one thing: Berserker Baboons.

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