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Tobi is a Dragon Knight and a major antagonist in the anime Noein.

She was voiced by Lara Cody in the English dubbed version of the anime and Ryoko Shiraishi in the Japanese version. Her name is Japanese for kite.

Tobi originated from an alternate dimension known as La'Cryma where he recieved special abilities from an incident there known as the Quantom Revolution. Tobi is not much of a fighter unlike most of the Dragon Knights. Although she has mastered the technicle side and works as a engineer in La'Cryma. In the end of the series, Tobi decided to stay in the present until she withered away from existence. Due to her incapabilities of fighting, she is shown to not possess a spin weapon. Tobi has purple hair with pigtails, wears a dark cloak over her body, and has dark skin. In the present timeline, Tobi is revealed to be a male who likes to work on a laptop and wears a yellow shirt.