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Do you believe in resurrection? The concept itself is beautiful but it is a complete fantasy. I killed Black Lightning but it seems that you and whoever this is have developed an adversarial relationship that is bad for my business... My question is, can you take care of this problem or should I just kill you now and solve it myself?
~ Tobias Whale's famous quote
So you wanna write about me? Huh, Uncle Tom? It's time for you to eat your damn words.
~ Tobias Whale killing Alvin Pierce
I adhere to the law of the jungle. Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. Either you're dining or you're dinner.
~ Tobias Whale's philosophy about controlling a city through a metaphor.
To the end, I grapple with thee. From the bottom of Hell's heart, I stab at thee... For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee.
~ Tobias Whale's last words after he is impaled and electrocuted by Black Lightning, quoting Ahab from Moby Dick.

Tobias Whale is the main antagonist of the CW series Black Lightning. He started out as one of the two main antagonists (alongside Martin Proctor) of the first season, the main antagonist of the second season, a major antagonist of the third season, and the main antagonist of the fourth and final season. He is the series' adaptation of the DC Comics villain of the same name.

Tobias Whale was the leader of the criminal organization The 100, who have been terrorizing the city of Freeland for years. After seemingly having killed Black Lightning, he is forced to take action again after the superhero returns a decade later. In addition, Whale seeks a way to prove himself in order to advance into the cartel of the mysterious Lady Eve. He is the archenemy of Black Lightning and his family.

He is portrayed by rapper Marvin "Krondon" Jones III, who also voiced Tombstone in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.



Due to his albinism, Whale had a terrible childhood and was even abused for it by his own father, Eldridge. On one occasion, after having received another medical bill, Eldridge ranted about how useless Tobias was. Defiantly, Tobias tried to defend himself but Eldridge angrily mocked him for his condition and stated that one would think that he would be happy after he had gotten a son but now has come to the conclusion that his son was utterly worthless because due to his skin condition, he could not even bear the sunlight. When Tobias' sister Tori spoke up in Tobias' defense, Eldridge hit her.

Whale eventually became a city council member and had a promising career as a politician. However, journalist Alvin Pierce connected Whale to the government organization A.S.A., who was experimenting on children in Freeland, and wrote a slanderous article about Whale that destroyed his career. Furious, Whale and two henchmen visited Pierce's apartment. He had his henchmen beat up Pierce and then ripped apart his article and shoved it down the journalist's throat, suffocating him. Whale was not aware that Alvin's son Jefferson Pierce was present during this action and was witnessing his father's murder from under his bed. The murder of Alvin Pierce was the reason Jefferson eventually donned the costume of Black Lightning and became a superhero. At first, Pierce's sole motivation was killing Tobias. The two became rivals and their feud ended with each man believing to have killed the other over a decade ago.

However, Whale survived and was awarded with the gang by Lady Eve after supposedly murdering Black Lightning. In addition, Whale received a serum that slows down his aging serum and makes him stronger over time - leading to Whale having the strength of three normal men. Nonetheless, Whale - presumed deceased - had to vanish and was forced to lead his gang from the shadows. This also meant that no one could connect Whale to the 100 Gang.

Black Lightning's Return

Tobias is first seen feeding one of his former henchmen to piranhas. Suddenly, he is told that he should watch the news immediately. He comes over to the TV where he sees a TV anchor talking about the rumors that Whale's old nemesis - the Black Lightning - has returned.

However, still believing that he killed Black Lightning, Tobias believes the "new" one to be a mere impostor. Nonetheless, the feud between this Black Lightning and one of his disciples, Lala, proves to be bad for Whale's business. He has two of his henchmen kidnap Lala and has him brought to his office. Realizing that Whale is not happy, Lala tries to explain himself but Whale grabs a harpoon from his desk and fires it into Lala's shoulder. While he draws Lala closer to his desk by pulling the rope attached to the harpoon, Whale states that although reincarnation is a beautiful concept, he does not believe in it. He further states that he killed Black Lightning so this new Black Lightning has to be an impostor. However, as Lala's feud with Black Lightning is bad for his business, Whale wants the problem solved. He asks Lala if Lala will be able to deal with the situation or whether Whale should just kill Lala and solve the problem himself.

Whale is still angry at Lala.

A few days later, Whale tells Lala and his henchwoman Syonide that they are to raise the protection amount on every church or business in Freeland to 50%, ordering them to squeeze the black community dry until one of them reveals who the impostor Black Lightning is. Lala replies that Whale really must hate black people, but Whale forcefully grabs him by the shoulder - the one he harpooned before - and states that it is not black people he hates, it is "incompetent, thick-lipped scratch-where-it-don't-itch Negroes" like Lala. When Lala tries to explain his plan to Whale, Syonide puts a muzzle into his mouth. While Lala is forced to remain silent, Whale tells him that it is all about perception and fear and that the people of Freeland have to fear the 100 Gang in order for their business to thrive. He states the last thing they need is for the people of Freeland to think that "Black Lightning" could actually protect them.

Taking Action

After Lala is captured by the police, Whale drives to the police precinct where he gains entrance through a corrupt officer. The officer leads him into the holding cells, where another officer opens the cell and then leaves them to it. Approaching Lala warmly, Whale states that someone who would shoot someone's mother has no morals and thus would have no problems with becoming a rat. To prevent Lala from talking, Whale grabs him by the throat with one hand and brutally throttles him - displaying his brute strength. After havin murdered Lala, Whale tosses the corpse back into the cell and leaves the precinct unhindered.

Whale orders a hit on the protest march.

Next, Whale and Syonide head out to meet with Lady Eve, whom he hands a bag full of money to make up for the money she lost due to Lala's stupidity. However, she replies that unless he wants her to throw the bag at Black Lightning, it does not really solve his problem. Whale states that he killed Black Lightning years ago but Eve then asks him whether he is a church-going man. Church tells her that this is not the case and Eve says that the Good Book helps people stay in line and that people like Black Lightning interrupt this process. She then reveals to Church that Reverend Jeremiah Holt is planning a protest march against the 100 Gang - which would cost them protection money - and that she has been informed by one of Holt's pastors. Church thanks her for informing her but Eve tells him that she doesn't need thanks, she needs him to deal with the problem. As Whale turns to leave, Eve remembers him that the people cannot think that they can take back the streets from them.

Whale witnesses Black Lightning in action.

Back at his headquarter, Whale provides a 100 gang member with a machine gun and orders him to attack the reverend's protest. Sensing the man's unhappiness with the task, Whale bluntly asks his what is wrong and the man replies that he wears no gloves. Annoyed, Whale tosses a piece of cloth at him and when the man moves to pick it up, Whale rams a knife into his hand. He reminds the man that he agreed to this and that if he wants to move up in the organization - maybe even taking Lala's place - he will need to show what he is made of. He makes clear that the man needs to send the message that nobody messes with Whale's streets and then moves back to his chair, leaving the knife in the hand for the man to pull out himself.

While the man attacks the protest march, Tobias and Syonide watch from a car. When they see the man being taken down by Black Lightning without killing a single protester, Whale is furious as he has now witnessed that Black Lightning has indeed returned. Angry, he orders Syonide to shoot Black Lightning with a sniper rifle but she misses and hits the reverend instead, as well as the student Khalil Payne. Although both survive, the bullet renders Khalil paralyzed.

Threatened by Lady Eve

After the failed attack on the protest march, Lady Eve calls Tobias to Blackberry Funeral Parlor where she talks to him while cleaning and cutting up a body. Referring to Whale's skin color, Eve states that in the past people in Africa would kidnap and grind the bones of albinos because they thought they were magica. Eve compliments Tobias on the way he reinvented himself after his career loss. She reminds him that he only obtained the 100 gang due to her generosity and admits that he did a good job as their leader but also states that her partners have started to question Tobias' value since Black Lightning's return.

Eve reprimands Whale.

Whale reminds her of the millions of dollars he made for her and is outraged that she is chiding him for one small mistake but Lady Eve replies that it is not just one mistake; Tobias' entire reputation is at stake because he supposedly killed Black Lightning years ago - this was why he got the 100 gang from Eve in the first place. She compares the situation to lying one resumee and states that her partners are starting to feel deceived. Tobias once again reminds her of the money he brings in and vows to kill Black Lightning again if he has to. However, Eve doubts that and also reprimands him for the blunder during the protest march in which Whale's henchman shot a reverend. She claims that the Black Lightning problem needs to be dissolved soon and Eve advises Tobias to use some of the Albino magic of his, else her partners will grind his bones into dust. When Tobias turns to leave, it is revealed that the person Eve is cutting open is actually alive.

Immediately after the meeting with Eve, Tobias heads to the coroner who confirmed Black Lightning's death to him nine years ago. After roughing him up a little, Tobias demands an explanation. The man claims that he was sure that it was Black Lightning but admits that he was not actually present to see the corpse cremated. This angers Whale who now blames the coroner for his situation. He claims that the coroner owes him a death and since Black Lightning did not die, he has his henchman beat the coroner to death while Tobias watches - barely able to contain his rage.

Tobias listens to Tori's plan.

Back in his headquarter, Tobias feeds living rats to his piranhas while he is visited by his younger sister Tori, whom he asked to come to Freeland to help him kill Black Lightning. He is happy to see her and she is glad to see her brother as well, claiming that she would not have left Miami for everybody else. After Tori has changed her clothes, Tobias reveals to her that he wants to be the one who kills Black Lightning but cannot get out into the streets because despite his apparent death, there are still warrants out on his head. Tori replies that her strategy would be to win the heart of the people in Freeland to have them take Black Lightning out for her. She refers to the case of Khalil, who is still paralyzed, and reveals that - although he does not know it yet - the boy has every reason to hate Black Lightning. Tobias likes the idea and thus takes a special interest that Khalil is provided every luxury possible in the hospital - even donating a gaming console anonymously. Whale also pays his medicine bills and the rent for Khalil's mother.

At night, Tobias sneaks into Khalil's room and wakes him up, asking him how he liked the gifts. He introduces himself to the young boy and claims that he wanted to see how Khalil was doing. When Khalil asks Tobias what he wants from him, Tobias feigns sympathy for Khalil's situation and claims that Black Lightning messed his life up as well. He tries to convince that Black Lightning is the sole reason for being paralyzed and states that in his youth, he would have needed a person like Tobias but there was no one there for him. Claiming to be a fan of Khalil's sports career and wanting justice for Khalil, Tobias offers the boy to show him how to kill his pain.

Fighting His Father

While Black Lightning is out in the city, testing some new gadgets, Tobias heads to the store of his friend and partner Peter Gambi. He welcomes Gambi by stating that it has been a long time but Gambi replies that it has not been long enough and reminds Tobias that they had a deal and Tobias was supposed to be gone. Tobias reveals to Gambi that he needs a new suit but Gambi replies that the only thing he will measure Whale for is a coffin. Arrogantly, Whale tells Gambi that he will be around long after Gambi is gone. Mentioning the serum that is coursing through Whale's veins, Gambi replies that "they" surely did not tell Tobias everything before they injected him with it. Whale dismisses the idea and states that he also has come to Gambi because he needs a name - he wants to know the identity of Black Lightning.

Whale heads to Gambi's tailor store.

Gambi tells Whale that he cannot help him but Whale does not believe him. Gambi explains that knowledge about Black Lightning can get him killed and that he avoids obtaining knowledge that can get him killed. However, Whale replies that withholding that knowledge from Whale could get Gambi killed as well, putting Gambi in an odd position. He moves closer to Gambi, admitting that Black Lightning is a personal problem but adds that he surely will be a problem for Gambi as well. When Gambi draws a gun to keep Whale at bay, Syonide draws one as well. Gambi states that the only problem he has right now is whale and Whale, seemingly amused, turns around and leaves after telling Gambi that he will see him later.

Back in his home, Whale meets with Tori and tells her that he paid the tailor a visit, believing that he would lead him to Black Lightning. Tori is shocked and annoyed and replies that Lady Eve will not be happy. Tobias tells her that he is not afraid of Lady Eve but Tori reminds him that it is not about fear but about strategy. Whale gets angry and tells Tori that he is the top earner in Eve's cartell and that he deserves a seat at the table next to her. He tells Tori that Eve and her partners use Black Lightning's return as an excuse to not promote him and that this means that he is stuck as long as Black Lightning is alive. Tori councels patience and tells Tobias that he will get what he deserves but Tobias is tired of it, revealing that he lost his patience with the 100 Gang and has no intention of leaving those "negroes" any longer, revealing that he has nothing but hate for his own gang. Tori manages to calm down Tobias and tells him that he is getting angry because he never forgave himself for not dealing with his first and oldest enemies. She reveals to him that she has good news - she found Eldridge.

Tobias and Tori confront their father.

The two drive up to Eldridge's house and once Eldridge has opened the door, he gets hit in the face by Tobias. Although the hit throws him to the ground, Eldridge gets back up and states that Tobias still hits like a little bitch. When Tori accuses him of his horrible parenting skills, Eldridge replies that unlike their mother, at least he stayed with his children and fed and clothed them. Tobias acknowledges all this and states that he can appreciate this. He holds his arms open to hug Eldridge but when the confused Eldridge moves to hug his son as well, Tobias slowly crushes him in the hug while accusing him of only staying so that he has someone to torture, beat and blame for his failures - maybe even for collecting money from the state. Tobias then throws their wounded father to the ground and when Tori draws a gun to finish him off, Tobias holds her back. He addresses Eldridge and tells him that he back is broken and that he will die a slow death because of this. The two then leave the house, abandoning their mortally wounded father.

After returning to his home, Whale finds an envelope on his desk. He opens it and is shocked to find that in addition to a message, it contains pulverized bones - a definite threat from Lady Eve. As a result, he has Tori put under protection.

Getting Involved in Matters

After Whale's second-in-command Joey Toledo has been attacked by Black Lightning, Toledo returns to Whale's hideout where he informs Whale about his battle with Black Lightning. He also reveals that something was wrong with Black Lightning and that somehow, it seemed that his head was hurt. However, instead of being grateful for the information, Tobias grabs Joey by the neck and asks why Toledo did not finish the job. Toledo claims that Black Lightning destroyed his gun and he was all alone, so he fled instead and contacted their man inside the police department. Whale then tells him to make sure that a crew is placed near lockup in case Black Lightning actually gets captured. He is confident that Black Lightning will not live out the night.

Tobias makes promises to Khalil.

Meanwhile, Pierce comes to the conclusion that with Joey Toledo back, Tobias must be back as well. Still vengeful for the death of his father by Whale's hands, Pierce vows to murder Tobias for it. In order to track down Tobias, Black Lightning hunts down a doctor who specializes in albinism and is indeed able to find out that Whale is the man's patient. The doctor reveals that Whale, although he does not use his name, threatens his family in order for the doctor to treat him regularly and that Whale does not simply make appointments - he merely tells the doctor to stay open when Whale wants to visit him. Although the doctor is too afraid to betray Whale outright, Pierce hands him a phone in case the man changes his mind. The doctor changes his mind and calls Tobias in for a test and then calls Black Lightning and reveals to him that Whale will come into his office at night.

Whale has Toledo and Syonide drive him to the doctor and Black Lightning awaits him, watching the arrival from a rooftop. However, he is prevented from murdering Whale when he is informed that his wife is being attacked. Accordingly, he stops his attack on Tobias and heads out to save his wife. After his appointment with the doctor, Whale picks up Khalil, who has decided to join Whale. When Khalil is disheartened because he believes that he will never walk again, Whale promises him that he will find a way.

Feud with Lady Eve

Tobias hones his fighting skills

After meeting with Khalil, Tobias hones his fighting skills in battle against a professional fighter. He ruthlessly beats him down and knocks him out and then arrogantly asks Toledo where he found this "clown", considering him an unworthy opponent. Toledo promises Whale that the man was one of the best fighters available but Whale tasks him with finding an opponent worthy of his time. When the fighter gets back up, Joey wants to shoot him but Whale tells him to lower his gun, happy that one of the fighters is finally showing some spine. He engages the man once more, this time smashing his head in and killing him. After killing the man, Whale tells Joey to check the man's bag because he believes him to be high on some drug. When Toledo does so, they find some of the drug "Green Light" - a drug sold by Lady Eve.

In a meeting with Tori, Tobias confides in her that he thinks that the Green Light drug is too messy, too addictive and kills too many people even for his taste. He then calls in Syonide and orders her to arrange a meeting with Lady Eve, much to the worry of Tori. Tori is surprised that Tobias wants to talk to Eve, but Tobias replies that talking is not what he has in mind.

Whale learns of Toledo's death.

Later that night, Tori returns to Tobias and informs him that Joey Toledo has been murdered. She also reveals that a small box was found on his body. Tobias opens the box, only to find more ground bones. He realizes that Lady Eve was behind Joey's murder and furiously hurls the box away. Angrily, he tells Tori that Eve will now expect him to run and hide but also adds that if he kills Eve without the Shadow Board's permission, he might as well bury himself alongside her. However, Tori tells him that this is not neccessarily the case and reveals that he has a plan.

After Lady Eve's demise has been organizes, Tobias - along with Tori, Syonide and other henchmen - heads to a concert. However, since Joey Toledo organized this, Black Lightning is aware of the concert and he confronts and attacks the surprised Tobias - striking him down with Lightning before Tobias can even act. While the henchmen throw themselves at Black Lightning, Tori and Syonide help Tobias up. Tori attempts to bring her brother to safety but while doing so, she is hit by a ricochet shot which pierces through her and hits Tobias as well. Although Tobias desperately tries to get to Tori anyway, his henchmen drag him into a car and drive off. After her brother has been dragged away, Tori dies moments later in the presence of Black Lightning.

Duelling Black Lightning

After having spent several weeks healing and mourning his deceased sister, Whale eventually resurfaces. Inside the A.S.A. facility where he regenerated, he meets with its head Martin Proctor. Proctor claims that he is glad to have Whale back and claims that it seems that Black Lightning really wanted to see him dead. Tobias replies that he acknowledges the medical care the A.S.A. provided and Proctor tells him that Whale is important to them - especially since Lady Eve has gone which left a vacancy. Proctor asks how much Whale knows about Eve's operation but Whale keeps his answer deliberately vague.

Whale is tasked with capturing Black Lightning.

Proctor then reveals to Whale that his organization tried to develop a drug in Freeland which was supposed to allow them to control the citizens. However, the drug did not work and instead gave some of the victirms meta-human abilities. Since the drug was not perfected, the subjects died before they could become fully operational and the A.S.A. keept working on the drug until eventually, the perfected it into its current form - Green Light. Proctor claims that the yields are better yet the survival rate has not changed. Thus, Proctor wants Whale to find and capture Black Lightning and bring him to the A.S.A, because Black Lightning is one of the meta-humans but has not yet died like all the others. This does not sit well with Whale, who wants nothing more than see Black Lightning dead. Proctor pays this no mind and tells Whale that he finished the project Whale was working on before he gut hurt. The same moment, Khalil Payne enters the room - revealing that he can walk again. Together with Khalil, Tobias leaves and Proctor once more reminds him that he needs Black Lightning alive.

After returning to his hideout, Whale has the henchman who saved his life weeks ago before him. He embraces the man and thanks him for pulling him to safety when hell broke loose. However, Whale then mentions that the bodyguard left Tori behind and left her to die. The man tries to defend himself, claiming that Black Lightning would have gotten Whale as well if he had returned for Tori, but Tobias grabs him by the neck and throws him to the floor, where he is promptly shot by Syonide.

Khalil returns to Whale's headquarter, where Whale informs him that he needs to go back to Garfield High the next day. Khalil is surprised and Whale acknowledges that Khalil has feelings for the people there, but reminds Khalil that this is business and business comes first. He reveals that they need to catch Black Lightning and thus wants to set a trap for Black Lightning at Garfield High. Whale tasks Khalil with drawing out Black Lightning and claims that he knows that Khalil tried to get his old girlfriend back. He reminds Khalil that Khalil made a deal - legs for loyalty - and that his old life is in the past now. He also warns Khalil that he will rip out his spinal implant and ram it down his throat if Khalil screws up.

Whale confronts Black Lightning.

Whale's plan works as intended and when Khalil and Syonide attack the school, Black Lightning and Thunder arrive. When Black Lightning enters the hallway, he is eventually confronted by Whale himself. Pierce claims that he thought Whale had fled after the beating he got at the club, but Whale replies that it will take more than a clown in a suit to run him off. Black Lightning fires a blast of lightning at Tobias but Whale only laughs and reveals that he is wearing a lightning-proof undervest. Mockingly, Whale shouts that Pierce will have to fight him like a man, which provokes Black Lightning into attacking him which results in a fistfight between the two. During the brutal battle, both men are evenly matched and are able to deal massive blows to their opponent. However, eventually Whale ends up on the floor, with Black Lightning towering above him. Before Pierce can finish him off, however, Khalil intervenes and hurls a locker at Black Lightning. With Khalil having joined the battle, Tobias grabs Pierce from behind and as Pierce is incapacitated, Khalil sprints down the hallway, jumps at Black Lightning and delivers a powerful blow to Pierce's chest that kills him. When Whale finds no pulse on Black Lightning, he angrily shouts at Khalil for killing him. He then plans to remove Black Lightning's mask to finally find his real identity, but Thunder arrives and uses her powers to throw both men to the floor. Only Syonide's arrival allows Khalil and Tobias to flee. After they have left the school, Pierce is revived by Jennifer's lightning powers.

During a meeting with another drug dealer, the resurrected Lala is suddenly called by Tobias Whale who only states "The devil deals the cards". Worried that Whale is angry with Lala for being back in the business, Lala immediately heads to a weapons dealer whom he then kills. Nonetheless, he once more is captured by Syonide and brought before Tobias Whale. However, Whale only thanks him for "getting rid" of the weapons maker and claims that now, they only need to get rid of Martin Proctor in order to be in complete control of Freeland - revealing that he intends to work with Lala once more.

Storming the A.S.A.

Back at their headquarter, Khalil apologizes for killing Black Lightning and Tobias playfully asks Syonide if they should let Khalil's blunder slide. As a response, Syonide raises her gun and claims that he has a question herself - can Khalil fire one of his darts at Syonide before she riddles him with bullets. Laughing, Tobias claims that he knows the answer to that but then tells Syonide to stay down; also ordering Khalil to take a seat.

Tobias decides that the time to strike has come.

Tobias then states that the rules of morality do not apply to them and that Khalil, Painkiller, should never apologize. Tobias states that all that Khalil did was killing Black Lightning when Proctor wanted him alive, revealing that he is not mad. He reveals that he knew that Martin Proctor was an ally of Lady Eve and that as a result, he had to go sooner or later. All that changed is that Martin now needs to go "really soon".

To move on with their plans, Whale has Syonide bring Lala into his hideout for a third time. However, this time Lala is fed up with this constant kidnapping and lunges at Tobias who delivers a powerful hit that sends Lala flying. After Lala gets back up, he tells Tobias that Tobias hits "like a bitch". He plans to attack Tobias once more but is stopped in his movement mid-air when Whale once more murmurs "The devil deals the cars". While the shocked Lala is frozen, Whale reveals that it was he who had Lala reanimated and that this phrase is a kind of failsafe that lets him control Lala. In tears, Lala asks whether Will and LaWanda are alive as well and Whale tells them that they are still dead and that the hallucinations are a side-effect of the resurrection; eventually everybody Lala killed will come back to haunt him and burn into his skin until there is no skin left. After mockingly calling Lala "Tattoo Man", he claims that they need to go back to work.

As part of their plan, Lala is brought to the A.S.A. and claims to have information for Martin Proctor about Whale. After he is cuffed and brought into an interrogation room, Proctor demands that Lala tells him the information he has. However, Lala suddenly starts coughing up an activation mechanism for a bomb - which Proctor sees in time to flee the room before Lala activates the bomb hidden inside him and kills himself as well as the agents surrounding him. After Lala has been gone some time, Tobias injects himself with his serum. Syonide and Khalil return to him to inform him that Lala never left the A.S.A. headquarter and that they cannot be sure that he exploded either. They know, however, that the A.S.A. tactical unit is rolling out and Whale orders Syonide and Khalil to find out where they go.

Tobias, Khalil and Syonide attack the A:S.A.

After Khalil and Syonide have found out that the A.S.A. unit is fighting Black Lightning and his family in a forest outside the city, Whale uses the opportunity to strike. Together with Syonide and Painkiller, he heads out and attacks the A.S.A. headquarter where the three massacre the remaining agents - who are mostly technicians and unarmed. Despite this, Proctor manages to escape but is soon after killed in a confrontation with the Pierces and Peter Gambi. Whale, on the other hand, sees a wounded agent tied to a suitcase and takes the man back to his headquarter. A few days later, Syonide manages to steal Proctor's thumbs out of the coroner's office and hands them over to Whale, who can use the thumbs to open the suitcase. After the suitcase is opened, Whale orders Syonide to kill the agent and - gleefully looking at the contents of his suitcase - tells Syonide that she is looking at the King of Freeland. He then tells her that his first order will be to rip the life out of Black Lightning.


Although Tobias has the briefcase, he does not know how to use or control it. In order to solve this problem, he sends out Syonide and Painkiller to capture Kara Fowdy but when Syonide confronts Kara - Khalil is patrolling outside - Syonide is killed by her. Tobias is devastated by the loss of Syonide since she was one of the few people he actually cared about. He vents his anger out on Painkiller, feeling that Painkiller should somehow been able to protect Syonide. When Kara Fowdy breaks into Tobias' penthouse in order to steal the briefcase, Tobias awaits her and fires his harpoon into her stomach. Although Kara shrieks in panic and pain, she manages to escape by jumping out of the window, much to the fury of Tobias.

Tobias celebrates his victory.

Tobias now heads out alone in order to tie up loose ends. He shoots a corrupt police officer who previously gave him the evidence of Alvin Pierce's murder and also kills Marsellus, one of his most trusted henchmen, who was present when Tobias killed Alvin Pierce. Tobias visits the man in the nursing home - he paid for it due to the man's advanced age - and after a brief conversation between the two friends, Tobias snaps Marsellus' neck. Lastly, Tobias heads back to his penthouse where he keeps Syonide's corpse in a marble sarcophagus. While kneeling in front of the sarcophagus, Tobias is suddenly arrested when a police task force led by Henderson storms the building, having been tipped off about Tobias' location by an unknown source. Tobias does not protest or fight back and calmly surrenders as the police lead him away.

However, it is soon revealed that Tobias orchestrated his own arrest. Since he killed Marsellus - the only credible witness of Alvin Pierce's murder - and destroyed the evidence linking him to the crime, the police is forced to let Tobias go and exonerate him of the murder charges. As a result, Tobias can leave the police station a free man and does not have to live in the shadows any longer. In a press conference, he reveals that it is good to see the justice system at work and implies that he plans to take an active role in the Freeland community in the future. He adds that he hopes that after all these years, the true murderer of Alvin Pierce will be brought to justice so that Jefferson Pierce and his family can finally find peace. He then heads to the Club 100 to celebrate his victory with his 100 gang.

Plans for the future

With his presence in Freedland legitimized, Whale - while publically keeping up the cover of the exonerated saint - keeps his criminal enterprise rolling as well. He blackmails a councilman and plans to buy up certain places in the city, however, he is opposed by Reverend Holt whose church owns one of the clinics Tobias wants to buy. Since Holt is neither corrupt nor afraid of Whale, Tobias sends Painkiller to force Holt to surrender. However, Painkiller is more then fed up with Whale's abuse and mistreatment and has no intentions of killing Holt. He tries to convince him to flee the city but Holt refuses to leave Freeland, causing Painkiller to return to Tobias' side empty-handed. When one remark by Tobias causes Painkiller to realize that it was Tobias who ordered the assassination of Reverend Holt and the subsequent crippling of Khalil, a brutal fight between the two erupts. Tobias wins the fight and after beating down Khalil, he once more orders him to deal with Reverend Holt.

When Khalil uses the opportunity to flee from Tobias' influence, he meets up with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Pierce and explains to her, that he no longer plans to work for Tobias. While the two make preparations to flee together, Whale sends henchmen and hitmen after them with the explicit order to capture Khalil alive so that he can be the one to kill him. He even visits Khalil's mother to find out where he could be hiding but since his honor prevents him from hurting the mothers of his enemies, he leaves the woman unharmed. Instead, he uses a tracer implanted into Khalil's head to have the hired assassin Giselle Cutter hunt her down but Trigger's attack is foiled due to the arrival of Black Lightning and Thunder. The tracer is destroyed as well, but Black Lightning's arrival to save Jennifer Pierce a third time leaves Tobias wondering what connection the Pierce family and Black Lightning could possibly have.

Freeing the Masters of Disaster

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  • Like the fictional Whale, Krondon in real-life is an African-American with albinism.


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