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Dance for me, jester dance!! Faster jester, faster!!
~ Tobias forcing Gumball to dance around.

Tobias Wilson is a major antagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball. He is a fluffy and athletic multicolored jock who usually appears as a supporting character but has had some episodes where he was an antagonist, most likely due to his jealousy of Gumball's adventures. He is also a rival of Gumball.

He was voiced by Rupert Degas in Season 1 and by Hugo Harold-Harrison from Season 2 onwards.

Villainous Roles

  • In the episode "The Third", he made Gumball pay 10 bucks for his and Darwin's friendship. This is his first role as the main antagonist.
  • His first minor antagonist role in the episode "The Quest", Tobias, along with Carrie, tossed around Anais's Daisy the Donkey doll, and when Gumball told Tobias to give Anais's doll back, he intentionally dropped the doll off the bus, causing Gumball, Darwin, and Anais to try and find the doll and get it back from Tina Rex, meaning that Tobias started the dangerous situation in the first place.
  • He was the secondary antagonist in the episode "The Pressure", overcome by Masami, he helps Banana Joe prevent Darwin from being kissed by Masami. At one point, as Banana Joe is cutting down the Treehouse Girls' tree, Tobias was grinning evilly as he watched Joe cut down the tree.
  • His second minor antagonist role in the episode "The Party" , Tobias blackmailed his sister, Rachel to invite him and his friends to her party, threatening to tell their parents about the party.
  • His most popular role was in the episode "The Knights" as the main antagonist. He dresses up like a minstrel, and fights Gumball for Penny's affection, even though Penny did not like him that much and tried to stop him from attacking Gumball. Gumball didn't want to fight Tobias anymore, and that is when Tobias tried to claim the hand of his "Fair Penny". In a fit of rage, Gumball hit Tobias's hand with his broom sword. When Gumball tried to apologize, Tobias tried to hit his broom at Gumball and Penny and even hissed maniacally at her, thus the fight continues. At one point during the fight, Tobias flung Penny off to the side of the road toward her dad's car. Noticing this, Gumball pushes Tobias out of the way and then pushes Penny out of the way from Mr. Fitzgerald's car, which inadvertently causes Mr. Fitzgerald to swerve right toward the Watterson's house and hit Tobias with the right rear-view mirror of his car before crashing into the Watterson's house. Tobias, in a state of shock, surrenders quickly and quickly declares Gumball the winner before he runs away from the incident, likely to not be held responsible for what tragic consequences nearly happened.
  • His first primary antagonist role in the episode "The Mothers", he, along with Gumball, Darwin, and Banana Joe put their mothers through various tests (without their knowledge) to see who is the best. It is revealed that Tobias secretly told his mother about it as an attempt to cheat. Gumball then discovers that Tobias and his mother cheated on the hot sauce challenge, replacing the hot sauce with ketchup. Unanimously, the boys disqualified him, making Nicole the winner as Banana Barbara didn't cheat yet lost all but one of the challenges. Later on, after Nicole rescues her respectable sons from a height, Tobias gives his card to his mom, but rips it apart and gave her a disappointed glare after Gumball discovers his cheating.
  • His second minor antagonist role in the episode "The Awkwardness", where he makes fun of Gumball and Hot Dog Guy by recording their conversation with his phone.
  • His third main antagonist role in the episode "The Points", where he tricks Gumball and Darwin into giving them invisible points in exchange for doing his chores. Gumball and Darwin, now thinking that this was a scam, battle Tobias with imaginary weapons until they are stopped by Tobias' dad, Harold, stating that Tobias's gaming account was closed because he owed $10,000 in microtransactions.
  • His fourth main antagonist role in the episode "The Test", where he replaces Gumball as the main character after Gumball was called a loser by an online test. In the end, Gumball vomits his "venom" at Tobias' face, completely burning it off.
  • His third minor antagonist role in the episode "The Worst", where he, Banana Joe, and Ocho make fun of Gumball and Darwin and question their masculinity, but he accidentally reveals that he wears his mom's makeup.
  • His fifth main antagonist role in the episode "The One", he tries to be Gumball's best friend, first bothering him, and then murdered Gumball's friends; Leslie, Bobert, Banana Joe, Sarah, Carrie, and Darwin in a very brutal and evil way. However, thankfully it was all just Tobias imagining that it was real, in reality what he did was just amused him in-front of the peoples he encounters.


While Tobias can be friendly and empathetic at times, he can be selfish and egotistical at times, even to the point of becoming a jerk. He became extremely psychotic when he forced Gumball to dance for him. His massive crush on Penny is what fuels his jealousy and his hatred toward Gumball. Tobias displays a lack of respect and probably even a lack of understanding towards the female students. He is forceful, confident and very outgoing.



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