No, no, no, you idiots! I wanted gold streamers and red balloons! The DJ stinks, the banners are crooked, and the cake should be chocolate!
~ Toc-Man

Orson, better known as Toc-Man, is the main antagonist of Pac-Man World: 20th Anniversary. He is a ghost who created a robot suit resembling Pac-Man in an effort to destroy and replace the latter.


Toc-Man is a large, crude replica of the actual Pac-Man; he has yellow "skin", red boots and orange gloves. His nose is less protruding than Pac-Man's, being more of a flat, circular shape. His pupils are dramatically different in size and he has constant angry eyebrows.


Pac-Man World

Toc-Man attempts to thwart Pac-Man's progress throughout the game via his henchmen, the Ghosts, as well as the world bosses, HMS Windbag, Anubis Rex, King Galaxian, the Clown Prix Racers and Krome Keeper. Toc-Man is only seen in the very beginning and end of the game, with his only presence in between being on the Game Over screen. After making his way through the six worlds and rescuing all his friends, Pac-Man confronts Toc-Man in his Lair, interrupting his party. After a boss fight in which Toc-Man uses powers that are similar to Pac-Man's, he is defeated. When Toc-Man is defeated, a gray ghost named Orson is revealed to have been controlling the Toc-Man mech. He starts whimpering, saying that was unfair that Pac-Man ruined everything, and how nobody loves a Ghost; Pac-Man proves Orson wrong by eating a power pellet and then, eat him.

Pac-Man World 3

While Toc-Man does not appear as an actual antagonist in this game, the Toc-Man suit can be piloted by Pac-Man with the help of Orson, who has reformed at this point.


  • Toc-Man's name comes from "Namcot" spelled backwards. Namcot is a playful pun on the name of Namco's former branch for home-console releases.
  • Toc-Man may have been inspired by Metal Sonic since both are main charcters' robotic doppelgangers.


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