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You're the Grimm Reaper. And these are the last sixty seconds of your life.
~ Tock to Maria Calavera.
It was a close call, I'll give you that. Y'know, the only reason my master wants you dead is 'cause of your eyes. But seeing as how you don't got them no more, you might be able to convince me to spare your life.
~ Tock mocking a blinded Maria.

Tock is a posthumous antagonist from the American animated webseries RWBY. She is an assassin who is tasked with killing or incapacitating all of the Silver-Eyed Warriors in Remnant.

She was voiced by Ruth Urquhart.


While most of her past is unknown, Tock and her group were hired by Salem to kill all of the Silver-Eyed Warriors that could pose a threat to the Grimm forces throughout Remnant.

Eventually, Tock and her group happened upon a young Maria Calavera, who used her Silver Eye power to kill a Nevermore, and proceed to attack her. While Maria easily handles the others, she struggles against Tock's speed and swordsmanship. Tock relentlessly attacks her, eventually knocking her down and depleting her Aura. Maria gets back up and fights back, and the two's weapons collide. However, Tock uses her teeth and jaws to bite through Maria's defense and headbutt her, breaking her mask and leaving her vulnerable. With a single swing of her sword, Tock violently cuts out Maria's eyes.

Tock proceeds to mock Maria and dodge her attempts to fight back. As she stands over Maria and prepares to kill her, Maria summons one of her scythe blades to stab Tock in the back. As Tock falls, Maria uses her other blade to decapitate and kill her.

Powers and Abilities

Being a crocodile Faunus, Tock has extremely powerful jaws complimented by a set of razor-sharp and durable teeth that can bite through wood and metal. She is also a skilled fighter and utilizes acrobatics and her fast swordsmanship in combat, duel-wielding cutlass-like swords. Tock's most interesting ability seems to be that she can either toggle her Aura on and off or strengthen it for one minute, which she carries a stopwatch to help her time.



  • Tock alludes to Tick Tock the Crocodile from Peter Pan, being a homicidal crocodile that carries a watch, as well as taking a body part from a certain individual, forcing them to wear a prosthetic in its place.


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