Toda is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star.

Under orders from Shin, Toda sends the Nanto Ressha Ho rail gun out into the wasteland to hunt down the Man with the Seven Scars. Toda spots Kenshiro and his party nearing Southern Cross and orders a shell fired. The result leaves a massive crater in the sand. Jennifer volunteers to keep the rail gun busy while Kenshiro heads to Southern Cross, so Toda has a shell fired on her, killing her.

Enraged, Kenshiro races up to the Nanto Ressha Ho and takes out the crew using the Hokuto Juretsu Ha. In a panic, Toda orders a full retreat. When he sees Kenshiro turning the train cannon towards him, Toda plans to lead him to his hidden fortress.

Toda then unveils his hidden fortress, a renovated battleship and fires many shells at Kenshiro, with no effect. As soon as Kenshiro rams the railway cannon into the battleship, Toda's henchmen are killed and only he remained.

In a panic, Toda tries to hide from the Hokuto Shinken user in a small room, then spots a small club and almost surprises him. But Kenshiro gets the jump on him, and despite Toda's pleas for mercy, Kenshiro executes him by hitting a power point hard enough to split Toda in two, avenging Jennifer.

Powers and Abilities

Toda mainly uses the Nanto Ressha Ho, a renovated Kürze Bruno Railway Gun to fire a powerful shell that leaves craters. If the situation turns against him, Toda and his henchmen will use a restored battleship to fire shells on their foes.


  • His Japanese voice actor would later go on to voice villains such as Souther and Liquid Snake.


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