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Todd H. Watson is the secondary antagonist of Season 2 in the adult animated series Final Space.

He was voiced by Alan Tudyk, who also voiced King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph, The Duke of Weselton in Frozen, Duke Weaselton in Zootopia and Iago in the live-action remake of Aladdin.


Todd developed an immense hatred towards Gary Goodspeed when he lost his family upon the destruction of the Earth when one of the Titans absorbed the Earth into Final Space. Somehow, Todd came into contact with extraterrestrial beings (or he presumably created them), and becomes the leader. Naming his ship the "Happy Place," Todd lures thousands of victims to the ship and injects them with a serum which he claims would take them to their "happiest place." Unbeknownst to them, Todd would harvest their happiness to power the entire galaxy, the process of which renders them hollow husks that are casted away into space.

When the Galaxy One is taken by the Happy Place, Todd introduces himself by wearing a costume, and selects Gary to give the "happiest place" to. Gary is injected with a serum and is given an IV and he is taken into a fantastical experience where he marries an anthropomorphic cookie and has children with her. Todd accompanies Gary and the two embark on a journey to defeat the evil overlord. In the real world, Gary's nose starts to bleed as his happiness is drained away. Upon defeating the evil overlord, Todd shoots and kills Gary's cookie wife and children but falls short of exacting his revenge on Gary when Mooncake successfully rips the IV needle out from Gary's neck.

Todd reveals his true self and boasts that he'd return the favor by killing everyone Gary loved. This causes major destruction, but Gary and the others manage to escape leaving Todd alone vowing that he wasn't through just yet.

Returning in "The Last Spy," Todd captures Sheryl Goodspeed and goes into her mind to extract any information on her son's whereabouts from her. Seeing that they both had a common enemy in Gary, Todd makes a compromise with her, promising to help her gather the dimensional keys in return for helping him get revenge on her son.


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