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Todd and Stuart are the central antagonists of the 2007 horror film Hostel II.

Todd was portrayed by Richard Burgi, while Stuart was portrayed by Roger Bart.


Both of them are businessmen from the USA, and they together started to bid on Whitney and Beth, which escalated in both of them managing to win and then they go to Slovakia to do the torturing which they had in mind. Later that night, Todd and Stuart end up going to the same Slovakian festival where they actual met their victims, which have no clue that the two men will torture them for pleasure. Stuart even ended up talking to his victim Beth, and they had a friendly chat with each other.

During the film, Stuart starts having second thoughts about the events which will happen. Both of them get to the Slovakian factory, where they dress up as torturer's, and they enter their cells with their victims. Todd has Whitney, while Stuart has Beth. Todd ends up playing with a circular saw near Whitney's head, which escalates in him ripping her scalp off. Todd gets sickened over it, and tries to escape the facility. But fails because the guard sees him trying to escape, and he lets his hungry dogs onto him, eating Todd to death.

Because Todd backed out from killing Whitney, they ended up asking Stuart to kill her, which he agreed to. Once he killed her, he then went back to Beth's cell, where Beth manages to seduce Stuart into having a sexual-intercourse with him. Stuart let her from her locked up chair, which escalated in Beth tricking him, and getting him inside of the lock up chair, and demands the code to get out from the factory. Stuart doesn't gives out the code, and the guards appear along with the leader Sasha Rassimov.

Beth asks to pay Sasha how many money he wants to escape, to which Sasha agrees but she has to kill someone in order to leave. Stuart becomes furious and tells her that she is a cunt multiple times, which escalates in Beth cutting Stuarts genitals off, ultimately killing him. Once she cut them, she threw them to the dogs to eat it.


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