Todo Mirconen is a member of the Chryse Guard Security First Group who later goes on to briefly join Tekkadan and a supporting antagonist in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS.

He is voiced by Yutaka Aoyama in Japanese and by Kirk Thornton in the English dub.


A member of the First Group of CGS, Todo Mirconen was the one assigned to keep the kids of the Third Group in line. CGS were hired to provide security to Kudelia Aina Bernstein, an advocate for the Mars Independence movement. When the CGS base was attacked by the forces of the Gjallarhorn Mars Branch, Todo and the rest of the First Group attempted to flee However, Orga Itsuka and Biscuit Griffon anticipated that they would try to flee and rigged Todo's mobile worker to launch flares, causing a portion of the Gjallarhorn forces to pursue the First Group instead. Haeda Gunnel at first blamed Todo for giving away their position before realizing Third Group was responsible.

Todo and the rest of the First Group later returned to base. When Orga protested them for fleeing and leaving the Third Group to die, Gunnel and the First Group beat up the Third Group leader. However, the Third Group later staged a coup against the adults of the First Group and tied up the members of the First Group while they were sleeping. After Gunnel and Sasai Yankus were executed by Mika, the Third Group took control of CGS, soon renaming it to "Tekkadan". While most of the First Group adults left following this, Todo chose to stay and was only other adult to remain besides accountant Dexter Culasour. As Orga and his friends discussed their next move, Todo suggested they sell Kudelia off to Gjallarhorn to compensate for their limited three-month budget. He further advocated his suggestion when Lieutenant Crank Zent came to challenge Mika for Kudelia. Following Mika's victory, Todo stated Tekkadan was insane for thinking they could oppose Gjallarhorn.

Todo later decided to betray Tekkadan and made a deal with the Orcus Company to lure Tekkadan into a trap by falsely promising safe passage to Earth and then ambushing them. However, when Orcus' ship appeared to attack Tekkadan it was accompanied by three Gjallarhorn Grazes, causing Todo to realize he had been double-crossed as Orcus thanked Todo for his "cooperation" and revealed his treachery to Tekkadan. Todo frantically tried to convince Tekkadan to surrender Kudelia to Gjallarhorn, but was responded with with a black eye. Todo was later stuffed in a closet by Tekkadan under orders from Orga. After the battle, Todo was stripped half-naked, bound and gagged and tossed into a small container and jettisoned in the direction of the Gjallarhorn ship with the message "This looks like one of yours so you deal with him" written On his belly. The container was received and opened by Gjallarhorn. Upon seeing the half-naked Todo and the message scribbled on his belly McGillis Fareed laughs.

McGillis later recruited Todo as an ally to his schemes and had him act as an assistant to his 'Montag' persona. Todo also introduced McGillis to the Brewers, which led to Gjallarhorn hiring them to capture Kudelia.

By P.D. 325, two years after Tekkadan made a name for themselves at Arbrau, Todo acted as a liaison between McGillis Fareed and Tekkadan after McGillis and Tekkadan agreed to an alliance. The newer members of Tekkadan did not know him, but the former Third Group members were annoyed by his presence.

Todo is last seen being dismissed by McGillis along with the rest of his crew right before his final stand against the Gjallarhorn Arianrhod Fleet. He thanked McGillis for giving him a place to be before leaving ship. He is not seen afterwards.


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