~ Togeira after being released from King Dedede's head

Togeira is a monster ordered by King Dedede from Nightmare Enterprises in the Kirby: Right Back At Ya! episode, "Sweet and Sour Puss".


One night, King Dedede ordered Togeira from Nightmare Enterprises. Instead of listening to the king's orders, Togeira immediately attacks Dedede and stole his ability to get angry and fight back. Dedede was then forced to show Kirby some kindness for a change. Because the king was under Togeira's influence, he underwent through some pain and punishment and was unable to fight back. The more it happened, the more anger Togeira received on its meter.

One night, everyone in Cappy Town was holding a celebration for Dedede's new leaf. Chef Kawasaki then fed Dedede some grotesque food, such as rice with chocolate gravy. Escargoon suspects that Dedede's nice behavior might be caused by a monster and runs to Dedede's castle, where he finds an instruction manual through which found out that a monster was inside Dedede's body, preventing him from getting angry.

After Togeira reached his anger up to full gauge, Dedede blindly went into a rage, restoring his anger. Escargoon frames Kirby for whacking Dedede with his hammer, and Dedede attacks Kirby, but slips on a banana peel, and Togeira is released from Dedede's body, revealing himself to everybody in Cappy Town. Togeira then attacked Kirby, and Kirby inhaled some of his spikes and became Needle Kirby. Kirby then tried to fight back against Togeira by shooting needles at him, but they were equally matched. With the Warp Star, Kirby guides Togeira's spikes to his head. The spikes get lodged in his head, and Togeira reaches his boiling point. Now insanely mad, Togeira malfunctioned and self-destructed, which in turn completely destroys him.  

Physical appearance

Togeira is a mechanical sea urchin like monster. His purple body is covered in spikes and he has flat, cross golden eyes, and is always seen emitting steam when angry, and even growls often. His face shows that his body cavity is filled with swirling red liquid (or perhaps mercury). Not only does his face resemble a thermometer, but the thin line running across his face acts as a meter to measure the rage that is currently built up inside him.

Togeira's power is to fill up his cavity with the red liquid in order to become powerful. He can shoot several of his spikes at his opponent like guided missiles.


  • Togeira is one of the monsters that gets very angry, another example being Belly Buster.
  • Togeira is one of the monsters that can speak, although he can only say "Raagh!".
  • Togeira is one of the monsters to possess someone, others being Erasem and the Demon Frog.
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