Tohma Kuki

Tohma Kuki is one of the main villains from Samurai Shodown Warrior's Rage.

Tohma was an orphan who was found on a ship coming from the west, being adopted by the great swordsman Kuki. Since a child Tohma trained to become a true samurai and live up to his father's name. As he grew up, Tohma started to grow jealous of his brother Seishiro, whom his father seemed to favor over him.

One day, Tohma killed his father and stole his sword, a red katana said to grant incredible strength to it's owner. Tohma ran away to the Ritenkyo island, where he joined the Razor Trio, along with Oboro and Mikoto.

Seishiro is eventually sent by the government to infiltrate Ritenkyo and kill the Razor Trio. He learns that Tohma is one of the trio's members, deciding to confront his brother by himself. The two brothers fight each other, with Seishiro winning the battle, but Tohma never admits his defeat and attempts to attack Seishiro again, only to be knocked unconscious. Seishiro then retrieves the stolen sword and leaves.

When Tohma awakens, Mikoto is at his side. She confess her love for him, and tells him that his brother have forgiven him, wanting him to live. Finally admitting his defeat, Tohma leaves, promising to return as a better person for Mikoto and his brother.



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