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Tohru is one of the main antagonists in the first season of Jackie Chan Adventures. He later reforms and becomes one of the main characters.

He was voiced by Noah Nelson in English and Naomi Kusumi in Japanese. 


Tohru was a big obese guy who worked for the Dark Hand, being the muscles of the organization. While working for them, he rarely displayed any emotions, being a ruthless henchman. However, Tohru actually despised his work and his boss Valmont, having joined the organization only because he was in need of money. He helped them in the search for Shendu's talismans, but failed at getting the job done.

When Shendu recovers the talismans and changes to his true form, he betrays Valmont, who orders Tohru to fight the dragon, only to get thrown miles away. While Jackie, Jade, Uncle and Black were trying to figure who was this dragon, Tohru appeared at Uncle's shop and revealed them his name was Shendu, deciding to help them against the Dark Hand. After Shendu is defeated, Tohru is left under the custody of Uncle, who turns him into his apprentice. After a sustained period of distrust and awkwardness from all parties, Tohru becomes a stalwart and close friend to the Chan's and their allies whom he has come to consider his family. 

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