Tokagale Nakushaku is a lizard-themed Gangler Monster and is the main antagonist in episode 43 of the 2018 TV series Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. He was originally equipped with a quill-like treasure called Le maître des marionnettes, but it was taken by Narizma Shibonz who then gave him a Resilient Bomb-like treasure called Le cœur élastique.

He was voiced by Toshihiro Ogura.


Tokagale Nakushaku first appeared battling the Lupinrangers during the day time. However they managed to tie him up to pole where Lupin Yellow gained access to his safe (which his password is 0-9-3) however his safe was empty because Narizma took his treasure a while ago for a scheme in the next episode. When cops showed up to battle the thieves Tokagale broke free from his restraints and retreats by running across the water.

Later that night he appeared at an alley walking in disappointment until he comes across a present which it revealed to be Le cœur élastique (which translate as "Elastic Heart") Resilient Bomb and it was for him to keep which made him so excited that he'll cause more mayhem first thing in the morning.

Later that day disguised as a human he was about to cause mayhem with the Resilient Bomb equipped in his safe, but he was then stopped by the thieves. He was about to leave until Lupin Yellow revealed him even when he's disguised, so he was about to retreat again, but once again he got tied up by the thieves. However thanks to the treasure's ability he easily freed himself and dodges the thieves attack as he makes a get away.

He later appeared at the warehouse and thought it was Noel that gave him the treasure, but it turns out to be Narizma Shibonz (disguised as Satoru Shinonome) where he escaped the onslaught from the police, but now he has to battle thieves once again. He used the treasure's ability again to dodge the energy blast, but this time with the equipped VictoryStriker Super Lupin Red was able to predict where Tokagale is about to land and he easily shot Tokagale at the exact spot. After that Lupin Blue holds Tokagale in place as Lupin Yellow gained access to Tokagale's safe and got the Resilient Bomb. After that he was then taken out by Patren2gou and Patren3gou.

However thanks to Goche Ru Medou he was then enlarged and battles Victory Lupin Kaiser. After that he was then taken out by this finisher called GoodStriker: Blow 'Em Away Magnum.




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