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I don't think I'll ever forget that day when the apocalypse crawled out of the sea.
~ Excerpt from Testimony from Fodla ingen Ernmas, lifelong Hy-Brasil resident, 2008.

The Tokage-tako is a giant god-like entity originating from the SCP mythos, serving as the main antagonist of the "War on All Fronts" canon. She most infamously destroyed the mystical phantom city of Hy-Brasil from Irish mythology.


The Tokage-tako first came to the world's attention in 1988, when it destroyed three civilian vessels in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. The Global Occult Coalition responded to the incident, and classified the Crocosquid as a Level-5 threat warranting immediate response. Two GOC ships tracked it down and fired torpedoes at it. None of these had any effect. The Tokage-tako submerged and ripped one of the ships apart, forcing the other one to retreat.

Concluding that the beast could not be killed in the sea, the GOC took the decision to lure it onto land and kill it. Using EVE radiation, which the Tokage-tako was drawn to, they attempted to lure it to Greenland. This almost succeeded, but then the mystical wards surrounding the magical isle of Hy-Brasil failed, causing a large spike in EVE radiation. This drew the Tokage-tako to the island.

On 13 June 1988, the Tokage-tako surfaced at Hy-Brasil. High King Nuada Airgetlám VII at first refused to believe in the threat, denying the wards had failed. He saw the creature outside his palace and ordered an evacuation, but before he could do anything it destroyed his palace in a breath of fire, killing him and all his advisors. The GOC continued their attempts to kill it, but it was able to regenerate from all attacks. With no other options, General Rockefeller was forced to deploy a nuclear device, killing the Tokage-tako at the cost of destroying what remained of Hy-Brasil.


With Hy-Brasil destroyed, the survivors were forced to seek refuge elsewhere. The GOC and the SCP Foundation took no part in this, forcing the Unusual Incidents Unit to pick up the slack and oversee the immigration of refugees from Hy-Brasil.

The Tokage-tako's corpse was harvested by Marshall, Carter & Dark, LTD for use in caviar. Carter had its ovaries cut open, so that embryos could be bred in order to continue making "Kaiju Caviar". In order to help them with this, they enlisted the help of the Hathscorns, a Neo-Sarkic couple who attempted to use the magic of Grand Karcist Ion to preserve the eggs indefinitely. However, the ritual failed and the eggs were instead mutated into hatching embryos that grew at an alarming rate, leading to the GOC being alerted, killing the Hathscorns and the embryos and almost capturing Carter. Dark was able to create a device that preserved them indefinitely without resorting to magic.

The eggs were lost when GRU Division "P" captured them in a raid on Marshall, Carter & Dark. Under the supervision of Stanislav Nikolaev, they hatched the eggs in order to breed Tokage-tako-level threats in order to utilise them in the Cold War. They successfully bred them, but the Soviet Union collapsed before they could be utilised. Without the funding to continue the project, the GRU ordered Nikolaev to terminate the embryos. He was then sacked, and defected to the USA with his knowledge of the project.

Apocalypse Timeline

In one timeline, IJAMEA began research into where the Tokage-tako came from. They were able to access its dimension and discover a race of similar beings before the Foundation took control of their research site and detained the operatives. The Foundation continued IJAMEA's research, finding that the Tokage-tako was a rogue angel that had decided to destroy humanity. However, the Foundation accidentally provoked these beings, who began to flood into their dimension to destroy humanity.

In the following war, New York was destroyed when the GOC made the mistake of killing one of the beings in the same way they killed Tokage-tako. The Fifth Church embraced the apocalypse, believing that the invaders were representatives of their god. Eventually, High King Delbáeth, Last King of Hy-Brasil, was able to find a way to slay the beasts in the ruins of Hy-Brasil using the spear of Lug and the sword of Nuada Airgetlám I.

Anastasis Timeline

In another timeline, Dr. Nikolaev, now working for Prometheus Labs, proposed that the Tokage-tako be revived with cybernetic implants in order to use it as a weapon. The proposal was approved, but not only was Dr. Nikolaev unable to control Tokage-tako, but it was revealed as the Queen of the Monsters and awoke many similar beings sleeping around the globe. In the resultant "War on All Fronts", the Foundation discovered the Tokage-tako and its kind had come from the heavens and been worshipped as gods centuries ago.

The Foundation, the GOC and High King Delbáeth teamed up to stop the monsters, creating SCP-5514, a giant robot capable of killing these monsters. After killing one of them, SCP-5514's pilot teamed up with the Serpent and together they lead Tokage-tako to the beach in Greenland where the GOC had initially intended to kill her. Tokage-tako grievously wounded the Serpent before being thrown into the sea by SCP-5514. The pilot attempted to shoot it with SCP-5514's gun, but it survived and melted the gun with its fire breath.

SCP-5514 was able to cut off Tokage-tako's arms with its wrist blade, but they regenerated and Tokage-tako immobilized the giant robot. With no other options left, the pilot initiated SCP-5514's failsafe and unleashed its power source, releasing a powerful blast of solar energy which incinerated Tokage-tako, finally killing it and ending the War on All Fronts. After its death, the remaining Kaiju were observed to have become more docile, with many going back to sleep altogether.


The Tokage-tako is said to display a mixture of crocodilian and cephalopodic traits. Her entire body - with the exception of the head - is pentaradially symmetrical. The lower body of the Tokage-tako terminates into five tentacles, radically arranged. The entity also possesses five arms, each arranged along the same axis as the tentacles.

While the head of the Tokage-tako is outwardly similar to that of a baseline crocodile, the entity possessed five eyes, arranged in an arc along her head.

Powers and Abilities

The Tokage-tako has significant paranormal regenerative capabilities, allowing it to survive most conventional weaponry.

The Tokage-tako possesses numerous unique thaumatological capabilities, including the emission of large amounts of Elan Vital Energy, the ability to detect EVE patterns, the ability to cross certain thaumatological boundaries, and Red-IV Regenerative properties. She apparently used the EVE detection abilities in order to hunt.

Shortly before its death, the Tokage-tako displayed the ability to release large amounts of fire from its mouth. This characteristic was not previously observed but has been conjectured to have been an ability the Tokage-tako previously did not possess the required EVE to use, until the events surrounding her death made this possible.


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