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Villain Overview

You should think of me as your personal Grim Reaper. At any moment I should desire it, I can extinguish the candle of your life.
~ Tsurumi introducing himself to Sugimoto.

Tokushirou Tsurumi is one of the antagonists in Golden Kamuy. He is the 1st Lieutenant of the 7th Division. Harboring a grudge against the Japanese government for their failure to extract remuneration from Russia for Japanese veterans of the Russo-Japanese War, he seeks to use the Ainu gold to lead a coup d'état to form an independent Hokkaido. Due to his influence on the story, he can be considered as the main villain. However, Tsurumi has goals for plausible reasons, possibly making him a grey character as well, his true goal however, is unknown.

In the Japanese version of the anime, he is voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka, who is also the voice of Jiraiya in Naruto, and Yazan Gable in Gundam. Under the disguise of Kouichi Hasegawa, he was voiced by Taisuke Nakano. In the English dubbed version, he is voiced by David Wald.


Tsurumi is a man whose most distinguishable physical trait is a cermaic plate that covers his forehead, with brain fluid leaking out sometimes. He has his hair slicked on the back of his head and has a handlebar moustache and goatee. He is of average height and has a muscular, lean build.

Tsurumi usually wears his officer uniform with a coat to protect himself from the cold. Underneath, he currently sometimes wears a shirt made out of the skin of the tattooed Abashiri Convicts (Because the location of the Gold is hidden in the tattoos of the convicts so he wears them so that they won't get lost).

As Kouichi Hasegawa, Tsurumi sported a buzzcut hairstyle and wore round fake glasses. He would wear a fur suit, a pair of boots, and carry some of his photography tools in a handbag and a briefcase. While at home, Tsurumi also wore a dark vest over a light long-sleeved button up shirt as well as straw shoes.


Arisaka: Do you realize how messed up you are in the head?
Tsurumi: I do! Lost my frontal lobes!
~ Arisaka and Tsurumi joking around about both the other's mental state and injury.

Ambitious, mysterious, erratic, histrionic and slightly eccentric, Tsurumi is a unpredictable man, even to his own followers. However, in the past, Tsurumi was more normal and even a brave Japanese officer who fought at the front during the Russo-Japanese war.

Receiving a shrapnel in the head and the general bitterness at the poor treatment his division has received after the war has made Tsurumi psychotic and violent, though his manipulative tendencies have already been present even before the injury, having manipulated most of his current subordinates into joining him. It's unknown whether he already had sadistic tendencies back then or not, as Tsurumi before his injury in the flashback clearly didn't want so many soldiers to rush mindlessly into war to be killed, but when he recalls the war, he states how the skies poured with blood of the fallen soldiers was one of the most perfect sights he'd ever seen.

Biting Captain Wada's finger off.

He is prone to threatening people and personally inflicting physical injury on his enemies but hides his brutal tendencies under a veneer of sophistication and sympathy. Tsurumi doesn't care whether someone is his ally or foe once they did something he didn't like, such as he bit Captain Wada's finger off and had him killed when feeling insulted by him. He also genuinely admires the macabre work of Edogai and develops a friendship with him. Tsurumi never becomes angry, but coldly manifests his rage with a brutal gesture, perhaps due to his brain damage. Tsurumi mentioned once that he has trouble controlling his temper ever since the brain damage, showing that he's self aware and sometimes uses his brain damage as an excuse of his actions despite that. Although not being able to show normal emotions since the brain damage, he suffers from mood swings as well as sudden outbursts of violence and leaks more brain fluid than normally when dealt with certain emotions.

Tsurumi aims to take over Hokkaido and is very ruthless in his methods. He kills anyone in his way or threatens his plan. He seems to still hold the men under his command in high regard but hates traitors. He has shown a level of care for his subordinates as seen when he tries to get Nikaidou to eat his food and provide prosthetic limbs for him.

Tsurumi displays great charisma as an orator.

Tsurumi is also a very charismatic and manipulative man that can sway the minds of other people with a powerful and explosive speech. As a result, he is not above lying to other people if it is to get what he desires, such as loyal and strong followers, Tsukishima for example who Tsurumi lied to for 9 years and had him study Russian in order to become an interpreter just to get him out of death row, recruit him into the 7th Division, and make him one of his loyal followers.

Under the identity of Kouichi Hasegawa, Tsurumi was a humble and compassionate man who loved his family and was also kind towards strangers who had come to him for help. He was also a very observant man as he easily noticed how other people would behave and any other unique traits that they displayed. When the Okhrana (secret police force that cracked down on revolutionaries and anti-government elements) found out about him, a worried Tsurumi told his wife that she should go back to her family home, stay there and absolutely not return until he comes to get her, knowing that she wasn't safe if she had stayed with him, showing that he truly cared for her despite being a spy. Though they were part of his guise while on a spy mission, Tsurumi genuinely seemed to care about his family as he spent time with them in their final moment and became disillusioned with the Japanese government as a result of their deaths.

Tsurumi likes sweets and is regularly seen chewing on dangos.


Tokushirou Tsurumi was born on the Niigata mainland. While talking to the Herring Magnate, Tsurumi mentioned that his family used to be wealthy but fell on hard times. This is further proved by Tsurumi's skillful piano playing and his rank as First Lieutenant, which is also evident of him finishing Imperial Japanese Army Academy.

Life as Kouichi Hasegawa

Tsurumi joined the Imperial Japanese Army and he was sent to Russia to act as a spy under the identity of Kouichi Hasegawa, a photographer who came to live in Vladivostok because of his father's work. He met and married a Russian woman named Fina and together they had a daughter, Olga. The three of them lived peacefully in Vladivostok with Fina taking care of the baby and Tsurumi out doing field work as a spy while taking photographs with his camera.

Tsurumi with his family.

One day, Tsurumi was taking photographs of the town of Vladivostok when he hears a howl coming from behind. Upon seeing a wolf nearby, he attempted to take a photo of it, but by then it had already ran away and he notes how rare it was for one to come close to a human dwelling. Tsurumi then returned to his store where he was welcomed by Fina and he asked if Olga had been good. When Fina notified him that they have customers, Tsurumi heads up front to see two men and a woman, greeting them. The woman, Zoya tells him that they didn't come to have their picture taken and one of the men, Grigori says that they are interested in Japan and would be willing to pay him for teaching them the Japanese language.

Tsurumi finds the wanted posters.

Tsurumi agreed to teach them Japanese and over the course of several months, would oversee their lessons and report their progress to Fina. He notes that both Grigori and Philip are learning Japanese at an amazing rate, especially the former. However, he says that Zoya is simply not interested in learning Japanese while noticing that she is able to speak French. Grigori and Philip takes Tsurumi out to teach him to hunt and he comments that he could buy himself a new camera if he sets a lot of traps. Meanwhile, Tusrumi noticed that the two men were constantly on guard and asked them where they came from. He notes the differences between them and Zoya, saying that she seemed like she came from a noble class unlike the two of them. Sometime later, Tsurumi finds wanted posters of Grigori and Philip and looks at them with a grim look on his face.

Tsurumi tells his wife to return to her family home for her safety.

As Tsurumi prepares to take a photo of the revolutionaries, he begins to talk about the Three Great Nobles of the Restoration and how they played a central role in bringing about a successful revolution that would result in Japan becoming the only country in Asia to proceed on the path to modernization. Tsurumi would go on to warn Fina to head to her family home and not to return until he comes for her and Olga. When the revolutionaries arrived at his store for their lesson, Tsurumi tells them not to come anymore and to immediately leave. Just then, they hear a knock on the door and Tsurumi goes to answer it to find himself coming face to face with an Okhrana officer.

Tsurumi's secret is out.

Suddenly, Zoya hits the officer with the butt of her rifle which allowed Philip to grab and bring him inside for Grigori to interrogate. The Okhrana officer does not know who the three people are and that they only came for Tsurumi, revealing him to be a spy for the Japanese army. With his secret now out, Tsurumi takes Philip upstairs to his studio where he reveals that his camera stand was actually a machine gun, much to Philip's surprise. Philip then used the machine gun to kill most of the Okhrana officers, but one was able to escape. Grigori exclaimed that not one should be allowed to escape or else he will be back with reinforcements, which caused Zoya to head out and kill the lone survivor. Upon turning around, Zoya finds Fina lying on the ground with blood coming out of her body.

Tsurumi walks away from his life as Kouichi Hasegawa.

Tsurumi takes Fina in his arms and upon examining her, says that she cannot be saved. He turns to the revolutionaries and tells them to get going, but when Zoya attempts to apologize to him, he coldly tells her to hurry up and leave. Tsurumi then turns his attention back to Fina as she calls him by his fake name, reaching out to touch his cheek. Tsurumi grabs her hand, saying that his name is not Kouichi Hasegawa, which leads to her asking who he is. He reveals his true name to Fina before taking Olga in his arms one last time. Tsurumi takes Fina and Olga's body back to the store, laying them in the bed before lighting the store on fire, and walks away from his life in Russia.


  • Experience and Leadership: He's a Military Officer and Russo-Japanese War IJA Veteran.
  • Charisma: Tsurumi is highly manipulative and can convince others with his sweet lies or a powerful speech.
  • Intelligence gathering and analysis: Tsurumi is regarded as a dangerous man for has proficiency in the intelligence discipline, as well as his sharp mind.
  • Physical strength and agility: Tsurumi is shown to be physically strong as he snapped a incoming cane with one hand. He is also quite agile as when he pursued Sugimoto and his horse was shot down by an arrow, he did a barrel roll and immediately kept pursuing Sugimoto on foot.
  • Russian language: As part of his duty as a spy in Russia, Tsurumi is also fluent in the Russian language.


  • Borchardt C-93
  • Colt Model 1903
  • Winchester Model 21
  • Winchester Model 1987


Tsukishima, you actually speak russian quite well, isn't that right? (Tsukishima: Uh. No, sir. I don't. Not even a little bit.) Japan's just on the verge of starting a war with Russia. But we have a dire lack of russian interpreters. At this grave moment in our history a man like you who's fluent in russian would be in high demand. A very nation is in danger after all. I'm transferring to the 7th Division, to the special organization in Tsukisappu. I'm going to Russia as a information officer. You're a trusted russian interpreter and former subordinate, so you're coming with me. (Tsukishima: Wait. I don't speak a word of russian. I'm a Death Row Prisoner.) Then you're going to study like your life depends on it.
~ Tsurumi and Tsukishima.
As long as Manchuria is still japanese territory, I swear, your bones will rest in Japan. And in order to protect those bones, we will run like mad men, and we won't stop.
~ Tokushirou Tsurumi.
I lost a bit of my frontal lobe, you see. I'm afraid that it's done horrible things to my temper. Beyond that, I'm the picture of good health. Wounds to the body are like a medal. I feel a nice injury improves one's looks, see.
~ Tsurumi using his injury as an excuse of him biting Wada's finger off.
Immortal, immortal. One of my men was found half dead by the river side. But he wrote those words with his fingers. (Sugimoto: Thanks for the snack. Is that the exit over there?) You're the one who left Private Ogata like that aren't you? And that makes you Immortal Sugimoto. (Sugimoto: Look. Sorry, but you've got the wrong guy. My name isn't Sugimoto.) I saw Immortal Sugimoto once at Port Arthur. Even from far away I was in awe of his ferocity. A demon on the battlefield, merciless and unstoppable. I know it was you who I saw that day. After that display at the Soba house there's no doubt in my mind. (Sugimoto: Except I was in the second. I wasn't even at Port Arthur. Looks like you really do have the wrong guy.) Why would Private Ogata do something as foolish as attacking the Immortal Sugimoto? The only reason I can think of is you had one of the tattoos that show where the missing gold is hidden. I believe that's why you tried to flee from us. Because you were afraid we'd figure that out. You have one of the tattooed skins don't ya? Why don't you tell me where it is? (whisper) (Sugimoto: Gold? And tattoos? Yeah I don't know what you're talking about. Hey buddy what do you think, is your Boss all right in the head?) Actually a shell blew away a little chunk of my brain (chuckles) (Sugimoto: laughs and gets stabbed through the cheek with the dango stick by Tsurumi) No reaction at all, not even so much as a blink, that's impressive. I knew it. You are Immortal Sugimoto. But if you're immortal and I can't blow out the candle of your life the way I had promised, it will be a lot less gratifying that I'll just have to chew that candle from the top down.
~ Tsurumi finds out Sugimoto's identity.
There's only one way for you to survive this one my friend. Agree to come and work for me. I'm afraid I lost many of my men out on the battlefield. I need more of em now. I have a little under a hundred men, searching all of Hokkaido. It isn't even close to enough. (Sugimoto: That sounds like an awful lot of people to split the gold with, if you ask me.) The gold goes into our war chest. The weapons and ammo we stole from Asahikawa aren't going to last forever. (Sugimoto: What exactly are you planning to do?) We're going to buy weapons from an american. The very latest weapons, gathered from all over the world. We'll start by taking over the seventh. After that we'll assume control of all the major ports that control the flow of goods to the mainland. Hokkaido will be ours. We were Heroes on the battlefield, but when we arrived back home we became vagrants. Think, did you gain anything from fighting, or did you lose far more? I want a brave soldier like you standing beside me in this fight. Join us and live like a god you are. (Sugimoto: This is a waste of time.) Maybe I'll bite down on that candle then.
~ Tsurumi trying to make Sugimoto join him.
We will form a military republic. I will be its leader and you will be my elite guards. We can't just pass out the gold to everyone. Instead, we will use it to open up a weapons factory here, in Resource-Rich Hokkaido. Children who have lost their fathers, fathers who have lost their sons, and wives who have lost their husbands. We shall offer them all stable employment. We'll save them from spending their lives, starving in this frozen land. We will provide them salvation. Although it won't bring them back, this is the least we can do to honor our fallen comrades.
~ Tsurumi's powerful speech.
It pains me to tell you this, but you don't look good with one ear. Attractiveness is all about symmetry, you know. The Shinsengumi would make you commit Seppuku the minute you fled. Then there's the Ainu Punishment which involves removing the ears and nose and banishing you. The seventh enjoys the best of both worlds. We'll chop off your ears and nose then have you commit Seppuku. So why don't you tell me who else is betraying us? I want their names, Nikaido. Now! This offensive protrusion right here is the nose of a traitor. It's no wonder I don't care for the shape of it. How about we play Pin the Tail on the Donkey with your face?
~ Tsurumi torturing Nikaido.
Hm! It's a kitty, I love cats!
~ Tokushirou Tsurumi.
The 28 cm Howitzers were gorgeous, I'd never seen anything like them, I could go on and on. But the most interesting part was that the fire support they gave didn't discriminate between friend or foe. It ripped apart the bodies of young men and made the skies pour with blood. I'll never forget running through that glorious, bloody rain. It was one of the perfect sights I'd ever seen in my entire life.
~ Tokushirou Tsurumi.
(Operator Woman: You've reached the Switchboard. Local or long distance, please.) Long distance! Get me the 7th Division in Asahikawa, Regiment 27. It's me. Do not go along with Lieutenant Colonel Yodogawa. Don't let anyone see Shiraishi, understand?! Believe me if Inudou would of to take one step out of Abashiri, I WOULD OBVIOUSLY KNOW ABOUT IT BECAUSE MY MEN- (jabbering) (Tsukishima: You're too close to receive her, sir.) SEND SECOND LIEUTENANT KOITO!
~ Tokushirou Tsurumi.
Let me tell you a big difference between Hijikata Toshizou and myself. Hijikata Toshizou's Hokkaido Independence Plan requires the trust and support of the Ainu. Therefore, if you were the betray him, he couldn't take truly thorough revenge against you. But I treat both my Ainu and Japanese Compatriots equally and I dispense punishment with impartiality. Ariko Iporte's mother, Ikaripopo. His older brother, Yayuhuyka. His older sister Rerasuya, who got married and went to Hidaka. His nephews Isoninpa and Tumasinu. Private 1st Class Ariko, bring all of these tattooed skins to Hijikata Toshizou. Earn his trust and infiltrate their forces. You'll be a double agent. You can do that, right...Private 1st Class Ariko.
~ Tsurumi blackmailing Ariko, forcing him to be a double agent.
Tsurumi: So, then, how can you make it so that your soldiers don't just "pretend to fire", but actually kill the enemy troops? A while back, there was an accident where someone completely overcame any resistance to taking a human life. That stuck with me for a long time, and I continued to think about it. And during the war with China, I think I finally discovered the answer. The motivating force that can bring out the aggressiveness in your soldiers. It isn't hatred of the enemy troops, nor is it fear. It isn't even a difference in political ideals. It's love.
Narrator: According to testimony given by soldiers returning from the Vietnam War about the bonds that formed between them and the comrades they entrusted their lives to, they described it as a "powerful and loving relationship" and said it went beyond that of a husband and wife. From the statements given by a vast number of soldiers, including those who fought in World War II. "The fear of betraying the expectations of a superior officer that I admire and adore and the fellow soldiers that I love..." That was what allowed them to overcome the barrier of killing another human being.

Tsurumi: But that will also become a battle between them and their feelings of guilt. How one can use love to develop and cultivate soldiers, so that they will be willing to do any job, no matter how dirty, that's the problem that faces a commander. But, among all these men, there are "those who are born soldiers". The vast majority of soldiers are sheep, but very rarely there is one among them who is a dog. A soldier that is aggressive, loyal, and feels no guilt or remorse about killing people. It's absolutely vital to have soldiers like that among your troops.

~ Tokushirou Tsurumi.
I'm glad that we could meet again, Asirpa. Since we didn't have nearly enough time to talk in Karafuto. And...Sofia Golden Hand. I always thought that we would get another chance to meet. (Sofia: Who are you!?) I suppose it's no surprise...We have both changed after all. It's been...what, eighteen years? Can you remember who I am? Miss Zoya? I wonder if you've forgotten about my family, too. All of the Photographs were burned up on that day, unfortunately. So the only proof that the two of them every existed...are these finger bones. My daughter, Olga...and my wife, Fina. (Sofia: Mister...Hasegawa?) Thank you so much for remembering. (Asirpa: That that Aca and Kiroranke Nispa? Was that picture taken in Russia?) After his death, we recovered some letters from Kiroranke's personal belongings...Letters from his Correspondence with Sofia while she was in Akou Prison. With what I know, and what you learned through the letters from Kiroranke...How about we pool our knowledge, and tell Asirpa everything? Who killed the Ainu? Why did Wilk have to die? Now, what do you say? Let's take away this child's "pain", shall we?
On that day...I was the only one the secret police were after. If my wife hadn't picked up that wanted poster, she wouldn't have come back. But even before that, if you three hadn't chosen my photo studio...then my wife and daughter might not have been killed in Vladivostok. What purpose did my wife and daughter serve in this world? I'd like for you to tell these bones. The letters you got from Yulbars while you were in Akou Prison told you what happend in Hokkaido, didn't they? Then can you please tell me? Fina and Olga sacrificed their lives because of you...and what exactly do any of you have to show for it?
~ Tsurumi to Sofia.
Thank you for telling me what you know, Sofia. To show my gratitude, let me tell you something that I'm sure you'll appreciate. I'll free you from your many years of guilt. My daughter, Olga...this is the bullet I found in her head. That's right...this bullet didn't come from the Berdan File you were carrying at the time. Nor did it come from the Machine Gun that Yulbars was using. This is a bullet from a pistol. The secret police were using Smith 3 Wesson Russians. Those use 44 rounds, which are a little larger than this is. Wilk was using a Schmidt M1882 Revolver, which uses 7.5mm rounds. Which means...Wilk is the one who shot my wife and daughter. Olga and Fina were killed by your father, Asirpa.
~ Tsurumi revealing that it was Wilk who killed his wife and child.
In the end, my goal is for Japan to flourish. Russia's Southward order to defend Japan from other countries...we need military funds to continue fighting. And on the side of that road that we must travel...I simply have my own tiny, tiny personal memorial. Our comrades who are sleeping in Manchuria. Fina and Olga, who are sleeping in Vladivostok. My prayer is for the soil in which they sleep to become a part of Japan. But to turn aside from our road for the sake of my own personal absolutely out of the question. During the war with Russia, a great many Ainu soldiers, fought and died bravely on the front lines. There were even Ainu who were awarded the order of the Golden Kite. Cam we value only the Extremist faction of the Ainu who plotted to break away from the Japanese...while ignoring the souls of those Ainu who chose to be a part of Japan and risked their lives to gain status in Japanese society? As a soldier, dividing Japan is something I can't abide. Having been entrusted by your father with the gold, can choose a future with the Ainu and Japanese together. You're the only one who can atone for the sins of your father.
~ Tokushirou Tsurumi.
The danger that Kiroranke and Wilk sensed...even for us, the Yamato people...we can't pretend that what they feared has nothing to do with us. 100 years from now, Japan...may well end up destroyed and wiped off the map by other countries. Whether it's 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future...the law of this world is survival of the fittest...the weak get eaten. Kiroranke, Sofia, and the partisants' plan to create a far eastern federation...they would most likely succeed in forming a federation on the continent. But once the russian empire started to put pressure on them, then they would end up automatically having Hokkaido stolen away by Russia. The republic of ezo that Wilk and Hijikata Toshizou hold as their ideal? In order to strengthen their country, they would have to invite immigrants from other countries. But they would be inviting a very serious risk of those who view Japan as any enemy making their way into their government. This isn't bigotry on my part, merely probability. In the end, Hokkaido should be governed by those who identify with Japan. Those whose ancestors have lived in Japan...who treasure the country that they were born and raised in...and who love the people who live there. The japanese people won't be able to survive unless they band together as one. To make a far eastern federation or republic of ezo instead is utterly absurd.
~ Tokushirou Tsurumi.
Asirpa, have you seen a gold coin like this before? We found this among the belongings of the Ainu who died at Tommakomai. Those men must have dreamed of their own independent country...and made this as a kind of currency. Then they each returned to their respective villages...and showed these gold coins to the other Ainu. I'm sure they thought it would work to bring the Ainu together. But take a this mottled color!! The gold dust that was gathered up in each region had a different gold content, so it wasn't able to properly mix together. How truly ironic...!! For those men, who tried to come together as one...this coin symbolizes them perfectly, does it not? Well...splits among comrades are just an everyday occurrence with revolutionaries, after all. But you know, my way of thinking, Wilk isn't the only cause of all this. For countless years, the Ainu have treasured objects made by working brass or iron...but the Ainu don't have a single treasure made from gold, do they? For the Ainu, gold wasn't something they needed in their daily was useless to them. In fact, it was worse than useless. When the Ainu panned the rivers for gold...the rivers became polluted and the Ainu starved. You said that Kamuy reside in all things, correct? Clothes, Daggers, Tobacco Cases, Tableware, our very homes...all of them have Kamuy. Natural Disasters and Smallpox...those things which endanger the lives of human. They too have Kamuy, correct? So if Gold were to have a Kamuy...!! Would it not be an evil god? One that brought misfortune to the Ainu peole? Those who touch it meet a horrible would be a Kamuy more hideous and brutal than any other...a Kamuy so beautiful as to be that shines with a golden light. What you could call...a Golden Kamuy, so to speak.
~ Tokushirou Tsurumi.


  • The "Toku" Kanji in Tsurumi's name can mean fervent, kind, cordial, serious, deliberate while the "Shirou" Kanji might indicate that he's the fourth son in his family.
    • His fake name "Kouichi" on the other hand, means happiness. He lost his happiness when he revealed his true name to his dying wife.
  • The Mangaka Satoru Noda based Tsurumi's background on Hasegawa Tokushirou, the grandfather of Noda's father's friend who shared the same name, Noda Masanobu. After Tokushirou passed away, his relatives found a couple of curious things within his possessions: an old résumé and a child’s pinky bone.
  • Before the fanbook confirmation, there were other speculations about Tsurumi's character real personalities inspirations.
  • Analysis of Tsurumi.
  • Tsurumi likes Japanese sweets but dislikes alcohol.
    • In situations where he has to drink with his superiors, Tsurumi only pretends to drink and get drunk. It's because he is a lightweight and has low tolerance for alcohol.
    • Tsurumi’s love for sweets and dislike for alcohol could be a call back to how Hitler was abstemious, but loved sweets.
  • According to the Golden Kamuy anime character reference sheet, he's 173 cm (5'8) tall.
  • The quote Tsurumi had said towards Sugimoto about being his Shinigami, capable of blowing his 'candle of life', is a reference from a rakugo story titled Shinigami. Rakugo itself was a form of verbal Japanese entertainment emerging in the Meiji period (1868–1912), where Golden Kamuy's timeline is supposedly set.
  • The gestures he did in one of his speeches were identical to those of Adolf Hitler in "Triumph of the Will".
  • In Volume 6's omake, Tsurumi plays Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 23 in F minor, Op. 57, also known as the Appassionata.
  • The way Tsurumi enters the house in Chapter 105 is a reference to Norman Stansfield from the 1994 Movie Léon: The Professional.
  • The scene where Tsurumi cradles the baby as Nikaidou, Tsukishima, and Koito look at them is a reference to "Song of the Angels", an 1881 painting by the French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau.
  • The scene where Tsurumi holds the deceased Usami in his arms is a reference to Michelangelo’s famous sculpture of Jesus laying in the arms of the Virgin Mary, the Pietà.
  • The scene where Tsurumi fires the gun and says "Come and say hello to Arisaka's little friend" is a reference to "Say hello to my little friend" from the 1983 Movie Scarface.
  • The scene where Tsurumi clings on Heij's back and whispers him tips/clues could be a reference to the 2000 Movie The Emperor’s New Groove, with Tsurumi acting like a Shoulder Devil.
    • Tsurumi has been referred to as the "devil" a few times in the manga, making this even more likely to be a reference.
  • The way Tsurumi and Koito meet for the first time was revised with the release of Volume 20.
  • Tsurumi shows similarities to Pier Luigi Bellini delle Stelle, an Italian anti-fascist partisan and practicing lawyer, notable for capturing Benito Mussolini at Dongo in April 1945, where he used the nom de guerre of Pedro.
  • The flowers which are sometimes behind Tsurumi in scenes/panels are opium poppies. Tsurumi oozing brain liquid is reminiscent of opium poppy seed pods exuding latex.
  • According to the Mangaka, Tsurumi is the same age as Kiroranke who was 15 in 1881 when he took part in assassination of Alexander II with Wilk, so he was likely born in 1865-1866. Therefore if Golden Kamuy started around 1907 Tsurumi should be currently in his early 40s.
  • It's likely that the finger bones shown in Chapter 232 are the ones of his deceased wife and child, possibly making his true goal related to them.
    • Chapter 265 confirms this.
  • In the 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars poll, Tsurumi ranked 7th, gaining 5499 votes.
  • When asked what occupation Golden Kamuy characters would have if they lived in the present time, the Author said that Tsurumi would be a Public Security (Intelligence Agency) officer.
  • Tsurumi plays with his headplate while bathing.


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