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Tokyo is the codeword for a Japanese government conspiracy in the Higurashi series and is considered the main antagonistic faction of the series. It is responsible for the tragic past that made Miyo Takano the psychotic main antagonist of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni that she is today. Takano's way of contacting Tokyo is through Nomura. Tokyo also has control over the Yamainu led by Tetsuro Okonogi.

The Tokyo conspiracy is associated with the Alphabet Project, a secret research initiative within the Japanese government led by group of old politicians who were alive during the Second World War and retain the ideals of Imperial Japan. The Alphabet Project was intended to weaponize the Hinamizawa Syndrome, presumably with the intent to use against the US and/or Soviet Union in order to make Japan the dominant power in the world.


Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira

In Episode 2 of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kira, "Ayakashisenshi-hen", it is revealed that Tokyo has its own parallell world counterpart, Tokyo Magika, which is headed by the four generals (Nomura, Takano, Teppei Hojo and Okonogi), creates monsters called Ritual Tool Devils from different torture devices (Nail Ripper being one of them), and is responsible for the fog spread across Hinamizawa that made the residents act hostile towards those unaffected. Tokyo Magika also brainwashed Keiichi Maebera in said parallell world and made him attack Satoshi Hojo. It is opposed by the magical girls Oyashiro Rika (Rika Furude) and Trap Satoko (Satoshi's little sister Satoko Hojo).

According to the fairy Hanyuu, the magic-users of Tokyo Magika tried to steal magic power created by the malice within the torture devices put away in the storage of the Furude Shrine. In order to stop them, Hanyuu gave the parallell world's version of Rika a staff. However, she was unable to summon sufficient enough power to stop them from destroying the storage and scattering the torture devices everywhere. The devices became monsters called Ritual Tool Devils that wrought havoc under the guidance of the four generals. Tokyo Magika's plan is to dye the whole world with black magic and make it into a world of darkness, and to do that, not only are they using the parallell Hinamizawa as a testing ground for their magic weapons, they are also planning to steal every last bit of magic from the Furude Shrine. They've also infiltrated the government and police force. Only the magical girls Oyashiro Rika and Trap Satoko, with the support of fairy Hanyuu and the Rika Cheering Brigade, can oppose Tokyo Magika.


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