Tolstar is a minor antagonist of Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. He is the first major boss fought in the game.


Tolstar first appeared in Stardust Fields when Mario and Luigi were looking for Bowser, who got stuck in a cannon. Tolstar tells them to give him all their coins and he will let Bowser out of the cannon and keep his shameful incident in secret. However, the coins from Mushroom Kingdom are actually more worthless in Beanbean Kingdom so, Mario and Luigi are forced to collect 100 Beanbean coins. Once it is done, Tolstar lies about helping them to get Bowser out of the cannon and attack the brothers starting a battle which he loses. With Tolstar unconscious one of the Starshade Bros (Sergeant Starshade) appears and sets off the cannon because Bowser's complaints were annoying him, Bowser is then fired and hits Tolstar.

He is last seen when Mario and Luigi were accused by the Beanbean Guards of kidnapping Prince Peasley, then an injured Tolstar appears descending to tell the guards that they are really Mario and Luigi and they just came to chase Cackletta with the addition of both brothers are really though, Tolstar then leaves.

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