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~ Tomás to Jesse Pinkman.

Tomás Cantillo is a minor antagonist in Breaking Bad. He is an eleven year old boy who worked for local drug dealers and is the younger brother of Jesse Pinkman's girlfriend, Andrea Cantillo.

He was played by Angelo Martinez.


Tomás first appears as a seemingly innocent kid who is riding his bike and minding his own business. It is revealed that he is actually involved with a local gang of drug dealers who pressure him into murdering one of Jesse Pinkman's good friends, Christian "Combo" Ortega, as a gang initiation. Combo was being eyed by the dealers whose territory he was selling methamphetamine on and was caught off guard by Tomás shooting him unexpectedly. Tomás would end up killing Combo as he tries to run away from him.

He is later mentioned by Andrea to Jesse and the fact that he has been estranged from her family due to his gang affiliations. Jesse puts together that Tomás was forced into murdering his friend and he later approaches the boy to buy meth from him. Tomás refused to give Jesse the meth until the dealers drove by to collect the money for the product. Anger started to take over Jesse so he decided to elaborately poison the rival dealers. It turns out these dealers do business with Gustavo Fring and Gus eventually finds out about Jesse's attempts to poison his business partners. They have a meeting regarding the matter and Gustavo asks the dealers to stop using children to carry out their crimes. The dealers end up murdering Tomás and it is possible that Gus secretly gave this order to tie up loose ends.

Tomás would later be avenged by Walter White who fatally ran over and shot the dealers in order to save Jesse from getting himself killed by the dealers.


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