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Tom and Tab, also known as "Dick and Bo" in the original Japanese, are villains in the anime Kimba the White Lion. The two cause trouble for Kimba and his friends.


Tom and Tab are tricky, obnoxious, mean, abrasive, naughty, diligent, thoughtless, amateurish and boorish hyenas.


Tom is a skinny hyena while Tab is a chubby hyena.


These two hyenas are trickster henchmen under the employ of Claw and Cassius usually acting as spies and informants among other hyenas working for Claw. While they act kind of punk-ish, they are cowardly and will flee when things start to go against their favor. Most of the time, they serve as a kind of comic relief.

On one occasion, Tom and Tab fake turning into heroes along with Cassius so as to gain access inside the amusement park Kimba and his associates built over Claw's hunting ground as a safe haven. They quickly reveal they're true colors in an unusual performance where they attempt to convince the animal children that being evil is glamorous and rewarding. The hyenas join Claw in imprisoning Kimba's friends but are easily overcome and defeated.

Tom typically does most of the talking while Tab parrots his speech.


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